An Ultra Boost:

One of the most talked about boots of 2017 has to be the Adidas football cleats. And there are quite a few reasons why it has succeeded in attracting so much attention. First of all, Adidas had done a great job in collaborating two products that are completely of different breeds.

Starting off with the Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker. It was one of the most popular sneakers of 2016. With street outfits and looks trending in the year. It was very obvious that the minimal looking and comfortable sneaker would top the charts. And if ruling the fashion department wasn’t enough. Adidas then decided to give a new revamp to the shoe completely. And they did that by turning it into a football cleat.

Taking the Ultra Boost to the pitch and engineering a direct crossover from street to the stadium, Adidas revealed the ‘Ultra Boost Soccer Cleat.’ So despite all, it’s look and talks. There is one question among all football boots enthusiasts. And that is can this compete with the best soccer cleats that Adidas are so well for making.

Well if you look closely, you will realize that not much has changed from its sneaker variant. It closely resembles the regular Ultra Boost. The new Adidas Ultra Boost football cleats have a one-piece upper with a melange print. Both the heel counter and lateral cage of the Ultra Boost are retained, they are made to adapt to different shoe needs. So you can straight away understand that since this is a football boot, Adidas has made a lot of effort in making it feel more snug and compact to your feet. So that you can get better ball control.

The soleplate, however, is very basic and straightforward. To offer traction on grass surfaces, Adidas opted to take over the sole plate of one of its American football cleats here. I was very disappointed with this. Because compared to the sole plates of the best football boots this is destitute. And it also doesn’t give the boot that extra panache that everyone wants.

However, saying all these things don’t matter actually. Because these shoes won’t be releasing before 16th February. And we can’t say much about it until we have tested and played with it. That being said if you are looking to get a pair chances are very high that you won’t care about how well they are on the pitch. Because this shoe is all about the aesthetics.

With dropping a more bounce than a Yeezy and carrying more brass than sass and more style than simplicity. You just can’t go wrong with these.

The primeknit upper used on this shoe has not been tailored for contact in the way a traditional football boot might. However, we think that we may see it very often on NFL since the Ultra Boost was so popular here in the United States.

All in all, it’s worth saying that the Razor frame is still very much present here, so it’s not purely one for the headline spin either – there’s technology in this hybrid, and it’s very much been produced to be played in. However, the only thing to look forward is to whether this shoe can live up to its expectations or not.

I really hope it does. Because I personally like it a lot.