Best Ankle Brace For Soccer Players – Top 4

Save The Ankle:

As you may already know, soccer is no easy game. It needs quick reflexes, insane stamina and also the ability to move around with quick pace. So it is very obvious that you will very likely face severe injuries at any time. This is where wearing the ankle brace to support your ankle will help you.

You see, no matter how hard you try to play. Your fitness should always be your first priority. You would always want to stay fit for the games to come. Which is why getting the best ankle brace for a soccer player is a must. And throughout this article, we will tell you why.

The Ankle Already Killing It?

The most surprising thing about ankle braces for soccer players is that the one who needs them are actually the ones who aren’t even aware of what they are.

If you are someone who is constantly suffering from ankle problems, then you should definitely get an ankle brace. Playing without it will just be a silly mistake. A regret.

Ankle Braces Don’t Work:

You will hear from countless people who play soccer that ankle braces do not work. So now the question arises. Do they help or what?

Well, the answer is yes. They definitely help. Sorry if you were expecting something else. However, there is still a slight catch to it. Ankle braces will surely help you in preventing minor injuries and other sorts of that stuff. But the thing is, it won’t be able to prevent the more serious type of injuries. What ankle braces will do however is reduce and minimise your joints as you move around.

Being said that, before taking any advice regarding your health you should consult with doctors just to be on the safe side and maintain a good health.

Is Tape A Good Substitute To Ankle Braces:

If you are looking for the best ankle brace for soccer players then it is very obvious that you have looked at other substitutes and options as well. So now the question arises will a simple roll of tape be able to do what an ankle brace does?

You see, a tape has been there for quite a long period of time. As back in the days it was the only option to go for. However, thanks to modern technology today we are able to play wearing ankle braces. And they do the job pretty well.

So now let’s see why a roll of tape will never come anywhere near as close to competing with an ankle brace.

Just Wear An Extra Sock:

A tape is usually applied by trained medical professionals. And it won’t have any sort of effect whatsoever if it isn’t applied properly. Wearing an extra pair of socks will do the same work as tape.

Will Get Loose With Time:

Once you start sweating and all you will realize that the tape is starting to fall off. Thus effecting your game and performance.

Overall, there is no doubt that finding a substitute to an ankle brace is nowhere close enough. Ankle braces will not only prevent and protect you from injuries but also enhance your performance. The ankle braces that we will be talking about today are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, do not think that because of that it will feel cheap. Because they don’t.

Best Ankle Brace For Soccer Players:

  • ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis.
  • Trilok Ankle Brace.
  • Mueller XLP Ankle Brace.
  • McDavid 195.


The thing about ankle braces is that there are quite a few of them in the market. All of them are different and very good. So picking out one single winner would have been a sheer injustice.

So what we did is decided to talk in depth about a few ankle braces which we think are excellent and probably the best ones in the market. Let’s have a look.


1.ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis:

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

This ankle brace, in particular, is quite a well-known. And that is because it is suggested by medical experts and they swear by it. So how good actually is it? Well, let’s say very.

The brace feels tight but still feels very comfortable to wear. Mostly because the straps can be adjusted within a moment without any hassle. However, they by no means feel loose at all. As there is absolutely no movement being made in any way restricted. In addition, the braces are made of a light copper material which feels extremely light.

There is no doubt that this is surely one of the best ankle braces for soccer players. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be talking about it. We at Golden Hobbyist would definitely suggest you to take a look at this and get it.



2. Trilok Ankle Brace:

Trilok Ankle Brace

The thing that makes this ankle brace stand out from the others is because of its sheer versatility. If you need support for inversion, plantar fasciitis, or any other problem. You just name it this will solve them all for you.

The reason why it can do so much is that of its footlocker straps which are placed to control and stabilize the mid and rear foot. The build quality on this is just too good and feels very premium. It is made from high-quality Ultima 2 fabric. As there are no laces, it is even easier to put on and off without a hassle.

However, there is a slight problem with this. And that is it is a bit bulky. Other than that there isn’t anything to complain about.



3.Mueller XLP Ankle Brace:

Mueller XLP Ankle Brace


If you are looking for the best ankle brace for soccer players and want something that is very simple and old school. then this will be your ultimate choice. It will surely help a lot in your soccer journey.

This ankle brace will work perfectly for you if you have suffered previous injuries. The brace is made from nylon. In addition to built-in plastic stays. They both work in great harmony to give you a sturdy and perfect protection.


>>Check out  best soccer cleats for ankle support.<<


Managing is also very good as they can easily be tightened if extra pressure is required. However, it does not limit the movements of your ankle.



4.McDavid 195:

McDavid 195

There is quite a lot of history and heritage behind the manufacturers of this ankle strap. And that is because they have been making products like this for quite a long time. And as it turns out they are pretty good at it.

While you are playing soccer wearing this. One thing that you can be sure of is that this will surely give you the comfort and support that no other brace can.

The brace is quite lightweight as it is made up of nylon. Even though it is quite lightweight it is still extremely strong. Due to the padded lining and lightweight you feel like you’ve worn tape instead of tape. You don’t have to worry about the brace slipping out during a match as tape normally would.

If you would suggest us to single out the best ankle brace for soccer players then we would surely recommend this one. It is just that good.




What About Soccer Cleats?

We might have talked about the best ankle brace but I think we can all agree that soccer cleats are undoubtedly one of the most important things in a soccer gear bag. As without that, it would be impossible to play soccer.

Which is why we wanted to suggest you a pair of soccer cleats that we think will be the best for you. No matter which position you play. So let’s have a look.


PUMA Men’s Evospeed SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoe:

PUMA Men's Evospeed SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Adidas and Nike have pretty much ruled the market for lightweight cleats made for wingers. The Nike Mercurial and the Adidas X have always been the first choice option for fast wingers and strikers. As these boots are made of such lightweight materials that accelerating in them was pretty fast.This was the main reason why it was loved by all.

However, now there is a new player in town. The PUMA Men’s Evospeed SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoe is Puma’s latest release. A new pair of soccer cleats to give some heavy competition to the big boys. And it did succeed by huge expectations. The Evospeed comes in a number of different bright and striking colors. But it is the Lava Blast/White/Total Eclipse colorway that will get you quite the attention. To put it simple words it is bright orange.

The first thing that you will notice straight away when you take it out of the box is its weight. It is probably one of the lightest soccer cleats that ever came into production. The main reason why there isn’t any weight whatsoever in these shoes is that of its synthetic upper. Even though there have been synthetic soccer cleats before nothing quite like this one. However, one slight problem with the upper being this lightweight is that protection is very minimum. When someone else plants their studs on you, you will feel quite the hit. Nonetheless, this is a very small issue.

However, it is so comfortable to play in that it almost makes up for it. The soft, lightweight upper along with the thin layer of mesh on the top will provide you a very snug fit and feel. Also giving you a very close to the ball experience. Another major benefit of having such a lightweight upper is that it takes absolutely no time to break in. The stud pattern on this one is pretty similar to its previous generations, so there isn’t much stud pressure.

Overall, if you are looking for a pair of eye-catching, lightweight and speedy pair of soccer cleats then you can get this one with your eyes closed.