Top 5 – Best Bait for Striped Bass Freshwater


A Striped Bass is a type of a fish that is mostly found in North America, towards the Atlantic coast. It is also known as Atlantic Striped Bass or Rockfish, amongst other names. It has a great value for sports fishing and has been used in recreational fishing, and types of Bass are found in saltwater as well as freshwater. There is a great variety of ways used to catch Striped Bass, which includes surfcasting as well as trolling with life as well as dead bait to catch this fish. So if you decide to go fishing for Striped Bass, you need the best bait for Striped Bass freshwater

The best way to get hold of them is to use natural, live bait; however, these fish will also easily take on the artificial lures. Striped Bass easily take a variety of the live bait such as eels or baitfish, squid, and crustaceans.


These are pretty small and streamlined fish that can be used as bait to attract big fish like the Striped Bass. Sardines can be used as the only bait or even along with artificial lures.


This is a great choice as live bait for the Striped Bass. These are pretty tough and manage to stay alive for a long time. It is also quite easy to keep the eels on the fishing hook because of their weight and size.

Sea Herring

These fish can be used as live bait as well as fished when they are dead using a method called plug cutting.


These are also known as Pogy and Bunker and are usually found near the shorelines. These are perfect bait for the bass as they hardly weigh more than just a pound.

Other Live Bait

Various other options are also available for live bait when catching Striped Bass in fresh water. Fish such as Spot, Mullet, Shad, Worms, Shellfish, and Squid, amongst others, also work well.


If, however, you are unable to get hold of live bait for your fishing trip, don’t cancel it just yet! Striped Bass can easily be lured by artificial ways as well and as such, artificial lures are easily available to catch this fish from the fresh waters. Artificial lures are preferred as they are easier to buy, keep, and use!

Below is a detailed review of the best bait for Striped Bass freshwater which is easily and readily available on Amazon.

Best Bait for Striped Bass Freshwater:

  • Eagle Claw Assorted Striped Bass Fishing Hook.
  • Eagle Claw L917 Striped Bass Rig.
  • EliasVFishing Extreme Swim Shad Striped Bass Soft Fishing Lure.
  • Akuna [SB5A] Pack of 5 fishing lures for Striped Bass for USA 50 States.
  • Matzuo Striped Bass Rig.


1.Eagle Claw Assorted Striped Bass Fishing Hook:

Eagle Claw Assorted Striped Bass Fishing Hook, 18 Piece


Product Description:

These come in a pack of 18 pieces and are highly trusted for their reliability, durability as well as their strength. Eagle Claw has more than 85 years of hook making experience.


  • Suitable for all types of fishers.
  • Tested for quality.
  • An assortment of snelled Striped Bass hooks.
  • It is made in the USA.


There is not much to complain about this product!



2.Eagle Claw L917 Striped Bass Rig:


Eagle Claw L917 Striped Bass Rig


Product Description

This is a great rig for catching Striped Bass when fishing in the fresh waters. Eagle Claw is a well-known brand name that can be trusted and this rig is suitable for all fishers, especially for the expert kind. This is one piece for order and it is great for catching these fish.


  • Ideal for all types of fishers.
  • It is trusted for durability, reliability and for strength.
  • It is tested to the highest quality standards.
  • There is 1 hook per pack.
  • It can be used in salt water as well as in fresh water.


This is a great hook to use for fishing and most users are extremely brand loyal have found this product to be very useful. There are no complains and no negative feedback to talk about.


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3.EliasVFishing Extreme Swim Shad Striped Bass Soft Fishing Lure by EliasVFishing:

Extreme Swim Shad Striped Bass Soft Fishing Lure by EliasVFishing 5.5

Product Description:

This is yet another option for catching Striped Bass with an artificial lure. There are four of these in a pack of two, and quite useful in catching the fish.


  • It is designed by the fishing guide Elias Vaisberg
  • Designed in New York City
  • It can accommodate easily most of the jig heads up to 2 oz even along with its thick body
  • It is an ideal design for the perfect action for swim shad
  • Soft Baits


  • Maybe too soft sometimes.
  • Difficult to catch toothy fish.


Overall, these are quite helpful when fishing in the freshwater for Striped Bass as it easily lures the fish.



4.Akuna [SB5A] Pack of 5 fishing lures for Striped Bass for USA 50 States:

Akuna [SB5A] Pack of 5 fishing lures for Striped Bass for USA 50 states

Product Description:

These artificial baits are perfect for catching Striped Bass – no matter which state you are going fishing in! Once you select your state you get the lure accordingly to catch the Striped Bass in your area. These are designed keeping in mind the differences in the temperatures, clarity of the water, and the natural food source in all states. It is a 5 pack and a great value for your fishing needs!


  • Great pricing.
  • Well researched packs of lures chosen for particular states.
  • There are unique colors available.
  • The packs are made specifically for freshwater bass.


This artificial lure is great for catching the Striped Bass. However, the complaing is that it is only available in 18 specific states. Overall, this is a great product and you should check it out.



5.Matzuo Striped Bass Rig:

Matzuo Striped Bass Rig

Product Description:

This is a Rig that is specially made for the Striped Bass fishing. It is easily available and useful for catching the fish. Moreover, it is priced very fairly and is definitely a great buy!


  • It is made up of a durable and hi-carbon wire.
  • Has bait holder hook which is pre-rigged.
  • It can be used for live or dead bait.
  • The size of the hook is 3/0
  • Weight of the hook: 80 lbs
  • Length: 42″


The only con for this is that there is just one in one pack. So, you either have to order in bulk or keep ordering for a new one. Overall, this is a convenient product to use when going for your usual fishing for striped bass. It is a great rig to use for regular fishers and a must have product thanks to its value for money.




Thus, if you are into fishing, then have a look through these best bait for Striped Bass freshwater and consider buying the necessary equipment for your fishing needs. When going specifically for Striped Bass fishing, you have the option of choosing the live bait as well as the artificial lure. The artificial lures and rigs are obviously more convenient and easy to use, and needless to say much more affordable. Thus, we hope this best bait for Striped Bass freshwater and tips should surely guide you towards using the best bait and catching a wonderful dinner!