Best Basketball Shoes To Play In – Top 5

The Trend Change:

Basketball in the United States is more than just a game. It is a culture and way of life. And so is everything surrounding basketball.  And all sorts of other gear that is needed. But shoes are something that are the most crucial. The NBA itself has evolved a lot and is a very crucial part of it.

What athletes wear on the court is often scrutinized and analyzed very carefully. Something which started as a gear to be worn while playing basketball turned into a very famous and important piece of clothing in everyone's wardrobe. Now the best shoes to play in are not just something that you would wear on the court. It is more like a fashion statement. And even though some brands today are more concerned about the looks and aesthetics of the shoe. They ignore the functionality of the shoe and what it can do. And in the midst of so many high-quality brands such as Nike, Adidas, nd Under Armour releasing shoes so often, it gets a very confusing on which one to buy.

But don't worry. Because today we will be talking about two shoes that are the best shoes to pick. And not only that. These shoes will help you a lot to improve your game and to top it all off. They will also look great on you. So you can say that these shoes are a mix of both style and functionality.

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Why Buy Them?

There are some very common questions which often come to everyone's mind when talking about the basketball shoes. Some common ones are. Does shoe preferences matter? Would it affect the player’s performance on his or her game?. The answer is a definitely yes. And there are quite a few reasons for that too. The first is that shoes are the only type of equipment you have when you are playing basketball. So the right choice of shoes is a very big deal to anyone who plays basketball.

People also often ask if having a pair of the best basketball shoes to play in is that important or not. And to be honest, it is. That is because basketball shoes aren't made like your regular sneakers. They are very differently made. First of all wearing a decent pair of shoe will give you the tremendous confidence to any player the confidence to run, jump and move, making his performance even better than the usual. However, nothing will be able to beat serious training and practice.

They also differ in many ways. Such as its design, size, cushioning, price, brand, traction, and its structure. By buying the best basketball shoe you will also be able to benefit from a couple of other ways as well. Some of them being:

Gives a certain appeal to the player.

What About The Price?

Another very common question that you will hear is that people often complain about the price being too high. Let me sum it up for you. Good basketball shoes are priced a bit high because they are made from very high-quality materials and components and possess an absolute premium quality. Take a pair of Jordans for example. No matter how much you pay for the one, you will always be able to cherish them for the rest of your life.

1. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men's Basketball Shoe:

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men's Basketball Shoe

The Jordans line from Nike had been so popular that most people don't even know that Nike has other lines of Basketball shoes as well. Nike had always been a supreme leader in the race of basketball shoes. And even before they launched their world famous Jordan line. They still were making some of the best basketball shoes to play in.Until the Jordans came and completely changed the industry.

The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men's Basketball Shoe may not be as popular as any Jordan. But does a great job in giving you comfort and stability.

Starting off with the looks it is very simple and looks just like a regular pair of basketball shoes. But other than that it has features that are excellent. The shoe features a solid-rubber outsole with a foot-mapping multi-directional herringbone pattern. That provides traction on a variety of surfaces. Even though the traction is exquisite and very similar to other Nike shoes, you won't be very satisfied until you play on a clean court. A target Lunarlon is located within the Phylon midsole at the heel and forefoot. So it makes the cushioning aspect of the shoe superb. The upper of the shoe isn't made from any fancy materials. It is just made from fuse and mesh. But nonetheless, it’s very durable and flexible. And that is what matters what the most.

Overall the shoe is really good. But the one aspect where it fails to shine is the fit. From the midfoot back, you would get everything that you would expect from a Hyperdunk. But the problem with it is that they are a bit wider than the previous versions. But nonetheless, it is a very simple issue. The shoe will provide you great ventilation and support. So overall, you can't complain much about it.


Very comfortable.


The fit is a bit too wide.

2. Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes:

Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

Among Nike and Adidas, the name Under Armour often gets ignored. But Under Armour is equally a very good brand and they make some of the best basketball shoes to play in. And the Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes is probably one of the best-looking football shoes that you will be able to buy. Especially the Black/Black/Aqueduct looks stunning and is sure to turn a few heads.

The Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes is overall a great shoe. Just because of the versatile qualities it has. It also looks a bit different from other shoes as well. The first which you will notice is the collar. It has more of a traditional mid rather than a high collar. With a full-length herringbone pattern on the sole, there is no doubt that the shoes give immense traction. However, the thing that you will like the most in this shoe is the cushioning. It feels soft and comfortable. Even though the previous version of the shoe was a bit hard. With this newer one, they have completely changed it all. It has a softer feel and is more responsiveness which is a good thing in my opinion.Even though the shoes take a bit of time to break in. They will feel very good once they do.


Provides excellent traction.


It takes a bit of time to break in.

3. Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe:

Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

If you are talking about shoes for basketball and you don't include the Jordans. Then it will be a huge mistake. The Nike Jordans have a huge following. And if you ever used a pair of these shoes you will realize how good they are. They are just that good. And the Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe is probably one of the most good looking Jordans you will find on the market.

With a leather upper and an all matte black design. This shoe is hard to ignore. With a touch of bronze or gold like finish. You will appreciate the build and overall look of the shoe. And to top it all the price is also very affordable compared to the other Jordans. So that is a good deal as well. However, the problem with these is that they won't help you much when you hit the court. They are more suitable as casual shoes. But that doesn't mean you can't wear them on the court. Overall the matte look of the shoe was the main reason why we decided to add this one to the list and this is one of the best basketball shoes to play in.


Classic and retro look.


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4. Adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men's Basketball Shoe:

adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men's Basketball

The Adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men's Basketball has the same silhouette from one of the best selling running shoes from Adidas. That is the Adidas Ultra Boost. Even though it may look pretty similar to the Ultra Boost, both of these shoes are miles apart. As they have a lot of differences amongst themselves. And we will surely take a look at them.

Tha best part of this shoe that has attracted everyone is it's traction abilities. The shoe has multi-directional lines. The lines are pretty spread apart. This gives a very good grip on the court. However, we would recommend you not to wear these outdoors, as you may end up ruining the outsole. As it is very soft. The cushioning on the Adidas Dame 3 is pretty good. It has something called dual density bounce. This means that there is ample amount of cushioning and shock absorption right where your feet rest. Giving you a very bouncy feel. The midsole is very thick, which is something very nice to have.

The upper is made from a fused mesh material which is TPU coated. Even though it may not look like the most premium of uppers out there. It surely is very durable. At first, you may feel that the shoe feels a bit hard and all. But that will go after you wear it once or twice. Because the shoe is made from a single booty upper you won't be getting a tongue. However, this is not a bad thing because you do get a very good fit. The lockdown on these shoes is very good. Even though there isn't much support for the heel area. 


  • The midsole is very well cushioned and responsive.
  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • Good grip and traction.


  • Not ideal for outdoors.




5. Adidas Men’s Basketball D Rose 7 Shoes:

adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe

There are always some shoes out there on the market that always tend to be timeless and a classic. The Adidas Men’s Basketball D Rose 7 Shoes is one such shoe. If you are a beginner and just starting out, then this will surely be the best option for you. Not just because it is very affordable, but also it is a good allrounder overall.

The upper of this shoe features a Primeknit material. And as you would expect the material is of high quality and feels immensely comfortable. The upper wraps around your feet very nicely and offers a snug sensation. However, it does not restrict breathability and make your feet cramped up. Air ventilation is very good and it also makes your feet free inside the shoe.

The Adidas Men’s Basketball D Rose 7 Shoes is an excellent pair of basketball shoes. Especially because of the price that they come in. In addition, the BOOST cushioning will provide you a very soft and cushiony feel when you are playing. Also enhancing mobility and shock absorption.


  • Affordable.
  • Nice looks.
  • Very well made.
  • Has brand value.
  • The collar has been molded for added depth.
  • Internal padding for added comfort and cushioning.


  • The materials could have been a little softer.

All these shoes that we have mentioned are excellent and probably the best basketball shoes to play in. There may be many different shoes out there, but they won't be as half as good as these. So find the one that suits you the best and goes for it.

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