Top 7 – Best Basketball Socks

Socks Are Important:

If you are reading this chances are you are looking to buy a pair of the best basketball socks to pair with your shoes. Well, worry no more. You have come to the right place. Here you will get to know about the best basketball socks and why they are so important. However, some people have a misconception that socks aren't that important when for basketball. And even if they do admit that socks are important. They will end up buying any pair of socks that they will find. This is wrong. Because basketball shoes are made very differently. And they aren't made like your everyday shoe. So buying a pair of the best basketball socks is crucial.

Things To Look For:

Basketball socks are specially made to go with basketball shoes. And there are some factors to consider before you decide to buy one. First of all is the size. Make sure that shoe you buy fits you well. Otherwise, you will have problems when you are playing.

Secondly, another thing that you will need to consider is the material. Basketball socks today are made of various types of materials. However, most of them are made from cotton and acrylic. These are very comfortable. If you think particular material suits you better. Then you should go for that one.

Most modern pairs are a blend of various materials, with acrylic and cotton being the two most popular materials used. If certain materials are more or less comfortable for you, then pay close attention to the product description to learn more about the materials used. Since there are so many things to consider you may get very confused while buying a pair. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best basketball socks that you can buy.

Best Basketball Socks:

  • Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks.
  • NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock - Black.
  • Swatom Men's Dri-Fit Basketball Elite Cotton Socks.
  • Red Lion Maxim Tie Dye Athletic Socks.
  • Athletic Half Cushioned Crew Socks.
  • Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew 1-Pair Pack.
  • Adidas Mens D Rose Chiseled Crew Socks Red.

1. Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks:

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks

With an ergonomic cushioning system this is an ideal pair of socks for basketball. If you have sweaty feet, then this will solve your problems. Because it can control odor and moisture. Even though the socks look very similar to Nike Dri-fit socks. They are a bit different. But look superb nonetheless. With a combination of comfort and looks, this is a great pair of socks. And you can't go wrong with this one at all.


  • Attractive design.
  • Prevents feet from sweating.


  • Not very durable.
  • Looks very similar to Nike socks.

2. NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock - Black:

NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock - Black

If you are a die hard NBA fan and want everything that you wear to have NBA on it. Then this will be the perfect pair of shoes for you. At first, you may wonder that since it is a fan product the quality may not be that good. Well, that is not the case. As it is made up of 58% acrylic, 32% cotton, and 10% nylon material. It does a very decent job in keeping your feet warm and dry.


  • The NBA logo adds a nice touch to the shoe.
  • Very easy to put on and off.
  • Very comfortable.


  • However, the fabric is not that high-end or premium compared to other socks in the market.

Swatom Men's Dri-Fit Basketball Elite Cotton Socks Pile Mesh Socks:

Even though at first seeing the name you may wonder that this is a pair of socks from Nike. But it isn't. It is a pair of socks from Swatom, and they are equally excellent. These socks have Dri-Fit fabric to wick sweat away and keep you fresh and comfortable. It is mainly made of polyester. So you can be ensured that the socks are going to be super comfortable. There is elastic knitting throughout the pair of socks that provide arch support and stress relief. Overall with a nice design, good fit, and arch support. It is hard to complain about it.


  • Provides excellent arch and heel support.
  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Comes in some bright and funky colors.


  • Does not look very premium.

4. Red Lion Maxim Tie Dye Athletic Socks:

Red Lion Maxim Tie Dye Athletic Socks

If you are looking for a pair of shoe that is bright, flashy and will help you stand out. Then the Red Lion Maxim Tie Dye Athletic Socks will be the perfect option for you. These shoes are the perfect summer socks for playing basketball. They provide a very good amount of cushioning, so you are ensured to feel comfortable during the summer heat.

They are overall a great pair of socks. But do keep in mind that you buy the right size. Otherwise, you will face some problems with the fit.


  • With the flashy and colorful look, you are sure, to stand out.
  • Very comfortable and cushioned.
  • Very well built.


  • Some people may not like the flashy color.

5. Athletic Half Cushioned Crew Socks | Mid Calf | Black | Custom Team Number:

Athletic Half Cushioned Crew Socks | Mid Calf | Black | Custom Team Number

This pair of socks is made from a blend of different materials. With a Poly, Nylon Moisture Wicking blend. It is sure that you will feel comfortable. It consists of a 80% Acrylic/ 15% Nylon/ 5% spandex material. These socks will go with any basketball shoe you wear. And that is because of the cushioned half cut style which delivers a secure fit. The moisture-wicking and air-circulating ventilation blend keeps feet comfortable and dry. It also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the sock. So you don't have to worry about stinky feet.


  • Fits very well.
  • Very long socks.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Doesn't get sticky.


  • The socks are a bit long.

Top Tips(best basketball socks):

Before we go any further to talk about the best basketball socks. It is important that you get to know about some tips and tricks that will help you to make your purchase. The first tip would be that choose the right size for you. The reason why size is vital is that different brands tend to have different sizes. So see the sizing chart and get the right one for you.

Secondly, make sure that the socks you buy have the right amount of cushioning. As you will be moving your feet a lot when you play basketball. If your feet doesn't have the right cushioning, you may face injuries. Lastly chose a pair of socks that is very well built and has a premium material.

6. Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew 1-Pair Pack:

Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew 1-Pair Pack

Nike has been ruling the industry for quite some time now. And it is very obvious why. Their products are so well made and durable that you just can't ignore them. And just like their other products. The Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew 1-Pair Pack is no exception.

Made with Nike's signature, Dri-Fit fabric helps to keep your feet dry and prevent sweating. The cushioning is also magnificent and it promotes comfort to the critical areas of the foot.


  • Has brand value.
  • Very durable.
  • Reliable.
  • Very thick.
  • Provides excellent arch support.


  • A bit pricey.

7. Adidas Mens D Rose Chiseled Crew Socks Red:

Adidas Mens D Rose Chiseled Crew Socks Red

Just like Nike. Adidas also has their cooling technology in their shoes. And it is called the Climalite technology. It is one of the best things about this pair of socks. This feature ensures that your feet stay dry and cool. Even when you are playing an intense game of basketball on the court during summer. Once you look closely, you will realize that these socks are shaped a bit differently. And this allows the socks to be comfortable.


  • Excellent fit.
  • Very well cushioned.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Carries brand value.
  • Built to last.


  • Won't be able to keep you much warm as it is made from a very thin material.

Buying a pair of the best basketball socks isn't that difficult as people tend to make it. Find the one that you like and suits you the most. And just go for it.