The Best Bass Fishing Lures For Beginners:

One of the most important things that you will need when you go bass fishing is lures. Without the right lures, you won’t be able to catch anything.

However, choosing the right bass lures can turn out be a bit confusing and challenging. And that is mainly because there are lures of so many different styles, sizes, and colors. That it is very obvious that you will get very confused. This is why you will need a bit of guidance. Especially since you are a beginner.

This is why we have written this article for you. Going through the article will give you a much better idea of what fishing lures are. And how you can use them to their full potential. The lures mentioned on this list will give you a solid base and help you a lot to carry on. And even though these lures are the best for beginners. They will remain as a major factor in your tackle box even after you become an expert. And for the days to come.

So let’s check them out.

1. Plastic Worms:

These plastic worm lures are probably familiar to everyone who has gone fishing for at least once in their life. And the reason is very apparent. The best way to begin bass fishing is with a rubber worm. You will never go wrong with it.

Plastic worms are immensely versatile. As you can use them to fish anywhere at any time. However, a lot also depends on how efficiently you can use them. Bass love to cover. And one of their favorite forms of a cover is weeds, like lily pads, hydrilla, and different underwater grasses. So if you want to get the most out of your plastic worms try casting some rubber worm into a patch of water lily pads, land on one of them if you are able to. Let it sit there for a couple of seconds then gently pull on the line to make the worm fall off the edge. And that would give you good results.

However, the problem with plastic worms is that they tend to bit slow on results. So if you are an impatient angler. This will not be the right option for you. There are much better alternatives than this.

One important tip would be when you are starting you should use a smaller worm. It will turn out to be much easier.

2. Spinners:

The reason why we have mentioned spinners as one of the best lures for beginners is that they are very easy to use.

Spinners are essentially a metal shaft with a spinning blade. It drags a spinner through water and causes the blade to spin. The spinning motion of the blade creates sound and vibration that can be picked up by fish through their lateral line. If you live in a icy place then check out best ice fishing boots to grab the best boot.

So you can understand that it does not take doesn’t require a ton of expertise or finesse to be successful with one. Mostly all you do with a spinnerbait is cast it out and reel it straight in.

The problem with spinners, however, is that they are somewhat weedless. This is because the blade guards the hook against getting hung up. So you won’t be able to penetrate through thick weeds. Other than that. These are an excellent way to start fishing.

3. Topwater Lures:

If you are someone who likes to catch fish in the most exciting way possible. Then you should start using topwater lures. You will get addicted on these once you start using them.

However, most young anglers aren’t familiar with topwater lures. So we would like to explain it a bit for you. Well, topwater lures are lures that run along the water’s surface, attracting bass below with noise and water disruption.

There are many different types of topwater lures out there. They come in a various shapes, sizes, colors. Choose one that suits you the best and just go for it.

However, the problem with these lures is that bass sometimes misses the bait when they attempt to hit it, especially the fast moving ones. Which is why you need to choose the right topwater lure. Because some top waters are fast moving, some walk side to side and some barely move at all. So keep that in mind.