Best cross training shoes for ankle support – Review!

Have a bad ankle but want to partake in cross fit? You have landed in the right place. Today we will be taking a looking at some of the best cross training shoes for ankle support. As we know cross fit is a very high intensity workout regimen mostly consistent of body weight training. Due to the nature of the training it can heavily impact your feet and knees. So if you have ankle problems or want to protect it while training you need the proper shoes. So read through before you pick up ankle support shoes for cross fit.


Before you buy:

Before you pick up the shoe you like there are some things you need to know. Shoes are not the permanent solution. If you have been training for a while and the ankle pain is persistent make sure you maintain the correct form. Bad form can lead to major injuries down the lane. If your form is correct and you are not sure why you still have ankle ache make sure you consult with a doctor/physician. Another thing you need to keep in mind is cushioning. As cross fit is usually high intensity there tends to be a lot of pressure on your feet. Especially, if you are overweight and not used to rigorous exercise regimen you should make sure your shoes have enough cushioning and padding to relieve the stress that occurs due to exercise.

Types of Bad Ankle :

  • Sprained or unstable ankle.
  • Arthritis in the ankle.
  • Flat Feet (overpronated feet).

We will be looking at shoes for each of the ankle problems and help you choose the best cross training shoes for ankle support.


Sprained or unstable ankle:

New Balance 1080 series:

New Balance 1080 series

If you have unstable or sprained ankles then this are the shoes that you should be taking a look at. With unstable ankle you need to make sure the shoes are stable on the outside but have cushioning on the inside at the same time. Lateral firmness of the shoes will make sure your ankle does not collapse and help to avoid lateral ankle sprain. The 1080 series from New Balance is the best fit for such ankle problems. Even though this is a running shoe but it will help you during your cross fit session quite a lot. This shoe will give you stability and support to avoid ankle stress and prevent collapse. Before you purchase this shoe make sure to check out the user reviews. Click here to see price and user reviews.

Arthritis in the ankle:

Hoka Mafate:

Hoka Mafate

If you have arthritis in the ankle then Hoka Mafate is the shoe that you should be taking a look at. But prior to picking up the shoes make sure to consult with your doctor.  The Hoka Mafate has very good cushioning and will protect your feet in any type of terrain (great for cross fit). This shoe provides additional medial support compared to other shoes. So if you have arthritis then this shoe might come in handy for you. Being said that only one thing about the shoe that you may dislike is the weight. With all these cushioning  and protection the shoe has become heavier than other regular shoes.  Altogether this is one of the best cross training shoes for ankle support if you have arthritis. The shoe has both men’s and women’s version. Click here to see the price.


Flat Feet (overpronated feet):

Brooks Addiction 12:

Brooks Addiction 12

The third and last shoe we recommend to you is from the well known shoe manufacturer Brooks. The Brooks addiction 12 is great for people with flat feet creating ankle problems during cross fit training. Flat  feet will mean the rolling of your ankle will put extreme discomfort and pain in your ankle area. As a result you will need shoes that prevents extreme level of pronation. The shoe has Brooks DNA technology for adaptive cushioning. The design of the shoe is very simple and as a result liked by many. The roomy toe box will help you with your flat wide feet. The shoe has both men’s and women’s version. Be sure to check them out if you want the best shoes for cross training with ankle support caused by flat feet. Click here to check the latest price.