Best Fishing Apps:

Over the years technology has played a very vital role in all of our lives. It has changed our life drastically and has made it easier and convenient. One part of modern technology that has played a very significant role in our everyday lives is smartphones. Smartphones today are more of an everyday carry for everyone. Smartphones today has surrounded all of our daily life. Starting from making a call to banking. This little thing can do it all. Also check out fishing rods bags post.
However, just like our everyday activities. Smartphone applications can also help a lot in fishing. Especially now app makers are making some great fishing apps. So let’s check a few of them out.

Fishing Knots:

If you are someone who forgets fishing knots very often, then this app will be perfect for you. This app allows you to access through some different ways to secure a hook to a line. So you can learn nearly every fishing knot ever devised at your fingertips.

Orvis Fly Fishing:

For all those fly fishing enthusiasts out there. You do have to admit that no matter how fun and exciting it is. It does tend to get a bit harsh sometimes. This is why having an app to help you out is great. This is where the Orvis Fly Fishing App comes into light. This application alone can handle all your fly fishing needs. It is probably the best fly fishing app out there. If you are someone new to fly fishing. Then this will be pretty helpful as well. As it includes fly casting instructions, a complete video, and step by step guide teaching you to do more than twenty fly tying knots. This app will also give you quick links to buy fishing licenses all over the states. So that is handy as well. So overall this is a great app for any angler. No matter if you are an experienced or young one.

NOAA Buoy:

One of the most critical things that you will need to know beforehand before you go on any fishing trip is the weather. It is in fact very vital for both boating and fishing. The reason why this app is so good is that it can retrieve data from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center so that it can give you up to date current on conditions so you can plan your pleasant day out on the water.


If you are someone who likes to know about facts and figures while fishing. Then you should install this app. This app will give you detailed information on specific species data. Some useful tips and maps of watercress across the country. You can also mark, view and track your catches on your phone. Using this will make you feel like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Except instead of knowing about weird mystical creatures you can record your score and know about them.


There are very few people who don’t use social media nowadays. We fishers are no different. However, if you are looking to share photos and stories of your catch, then you should check out ReelPhoto. This app will let you connect to a social network built for and by fishers. You will be able to share your all sorts of fishing related photos and videos here.


Imagine if you are going for a fishing trip to an entirely new place and want to know a bit about it before you head out there. This is where the FirstMate fishing app will be helpful. This will be able to give you all the necessary information you will need for your fishing trip. It includes tide charts, weather forecasts and color weather radar, barometric pressure and many other useful tools. It also allows you to access the information for the location you are planning to visit.

All these apps mentioned above are probably the best and most helpful fishing apps that you can find. Even though some people who are old school may say that these apps may ruin the overall raw fishing experience. But actually it doesn’t. It makes it much more pleasant and convenient. All these apps are available on both Google Playstore and itunes as well.