The Best Fishing Lures

Bass fishing is a very fun and exciting activity. It gets even better when you start catching one or two. However, before you head out to catch some bass. It is crucial to know that which lures will be able to catch the most bass. Since there are so many types of lures and baits out there. It tends to get a bit confusing. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best bass fishing lures that you can use. Carrying a fishing rods case is also important to keep your gear clean.

1. Jigs:

Jigs are probably one of the most effective lures out there. They stay useful all year round. Even though the angler needs to be a bit skilled in operating it. It isn’t that hard.

The best way to use jigs has to be by using short-range flipping and pitching techniques. Distance casting is strictly discouraged and won’t get you many practical results.
Even though there are some different types of jigs out there. The most important aspect that will determine the effectiveness of a jig is the weight. Overall jigs are a superb lure to catch bass. However, using it requires accuracy and soft entry. Even though this can be challenging for inexperienced anglers, once you get comfortable you are sure to get some big catch.

2. Topwater Lures:

Another very useful type of lure in catching bass is topwater lures. One of the main reasons why they have made a list is because they are not only effective. But also very fun to use.

These topwater lures are designed to float on the water’s surface. They make a popping and splashing sound as the lure is retrieved. They create the appearance of prey in distress, attracting bass.

These lures are most effective when cast around the edges of cover like grass, stumps, and shorelines. So try to use them that way. However, the problem in using these lures is that they are often missed by bass that is charging up from below. So try retrieving the lure a bit late.

3. Crankbaits:

While they may not be the most effective. Crankbaits can be a very useful and fun type of lure to use. The reason why they are so fun to use is that they can cover a large area of water in a short time. These lures can also be used to catch other fish than bass.

Crankbaits come in some different shapes, sizes, and weights. The one you will get will mainly depend largely on the depth of water your fishing. If you are successful in choosing the right crank baits. You are very likely to get a lucky catch.

4. Spinnerbaits:

Spinnerbaits are great at attracting bass. They also have a special ability to unique ability to draw bass while covering a lot of water at the same time. The are also weedless. So that is a nice addition as well.

The reason why they are so effective is that of its appearance in front of the bass. Whenever a bass sees’s a spinnerbait in action they only see the flash from the blade and the movement. Which makes it much more efficient and useful.

There are many ways to use a spinnerbait.But the most effective one has to be when they are reeled in a straight retrieve.

5. Plastic Worms:

Even though these lures may not look pretty useful in appearance. They are undoubtedly one of the most useful ones. Probably no other lure will be as useful and efficient as plastic worms. They come in some endless designs and sizes. One of the most vital reasons why they are so effective is because they are lifelike.

There are some effective ways in how you can use plastic worms. However, the most effective way will depend on how you choose a rig. Choosing a rig will be based on where the bass is holding. The most common rigs that you can use are the Texas Rig, Wacky rig and Carolina rig are to name just a few.

However, the problem with plastic worms is that even though it is very effective. They are a bit slow. So if you are someone impatient. Then this will not be the right choice for you.