Best Flip Flops For Walking Long Distances – Top 5

The reason why nobody hates on flip flops and rather love them is because they are probably the most comfortable type of shoes out there. And when you have a pair of the best flip flops for walking long distances then it gets even better. To be honest, most work shoes are not that comfortable and are not the best option for walking long distances. You have to get flip flops if you are willing to go for comfortable long walks or strolls.

However, finding the best flip flops can be a bit tough since there are so many types of flip flops and sandals out there. It gets quite confusing. And also because the flip flops that you will be using to go for long walks won’t be like your traditional everyday sandal. They are very different in some ways.

Never Hesitate To Spend:

As we have mentioned earlier. The best flip flops for walking long distances won’t look or work like a normal pair of flip-flops. They will be very different in some ways. And that is the main reason why they are priced a bit higher than regular sandals.

But the price you pay for it is totally justified. And that is because they are made from very premium materials and components. The materials that these flip flops are made of very rare and expensive. It will also ensure that you stay comfortable and your feet don’t pain or sore after long journeys.

You may save a bit of money buying cheap flip-flops. But in the long run, they won’t benefit you much. Cheap flips flops are mostly made from plastic. Plastic will not be the right fit for walking long distances. They will just make your feet sore over time. Cheap flip flops won’t be excellent at breathability either. Making your feet sweaty and smelly.

Support Is Crucial:

There is one thing that you would need to keep in mind before you go on searching for the best flip flops for walking long distances. And that is the amount of support the flip-flops will give you. Make sure to buy flip-flops that have ample amount of arch support. So that it will be able to help you on your long distance walks.

Since there are so many different types of flip-flops out there on the market. We decided to write a review of the best flip flops that you can wear when you go for long distance walks. So without any delay, let’s check them out.


Best Flip Flops For Walking Long Distances:

  • Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals.
  • FitFlop Women’s Lulu Thong Sandal.
  • Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal.
  • Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal.
  • Oofos OOriginal Men/Women Thong Sandal STEEL.



1. Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals

Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals

When you are looking for a pair of the best flip flops for walking long distances, it is obvious that you would expect your flip-flops to look like something that just landed from outer space. With the build being so aero that it almost looks like a boy racer’s car. However, there is no denying that sandals or flip flops like this do help a lot in keeping you comfortable to walk long distances.

But what do you do if you want something simpler? Something that you can pair with any outfit, will look good and you can easily stay comfortable. Well, if you are someone looking for something like that then the Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals will be the perfect choice for you. Starting off, this looks like a very simple pair of flip-flops. Nothing too fancy or too extra. However, do not get fooled by the way it looks. It may look very simple and all but it does have certain characteristics and features that will help you to walk comfortably.

First of all, almost all of Orthaheel’s shoes have something called orthaheel technology. It may seem very complicated. But actually, it isn’t.What it does is helps foot functioning. So that your feet can move freely and also prevent cases like plantar fasciitis or bunions. Despite being just a flip-flop, it does have quite a bit of cushioning because of the EVA footbed. The EVA midsole also works excellently to absorb shock as well. And if you are walking for long periods of time then you will surely be needing that.


  • Very simple and minimal looking.
  • Nothing too fancy.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Has good cushioning and arch support.
  • Does not take much time to break in.


  • Not ideal for wide feet.




2. FitFlop Women’s Lulu Thong Sandal

FitFlop Women's Lulu Thong Sandal

The FitFlop Women’s Lulu Thong Sandal is a very minimal yet stylish looking pair of flip-flops. They also perform very well on feet as well. If you are someone who is looking for flip flops that are simple and stylish. Then this is surely the one to go for. These shoes have a very high-quality leather upper. So it will be very durable and long lasting and with a classic triangle on the top, the shoe looks cute.

But that isn’t all these have to offer. There is much more. The micro-fiber lined upper provides you a soothing and comfortable experience while walking. The midsole of the shoe is also great and will surely make you look tall. Another thing these flip flops are surprisingly good at is shock absorption. And that is mainly because of how well the midsole of the shoe is engineered. What the midsole does is diffuses the underfoot pressure instantly. So you don’t feel any pain on your feet. They also don’t take any time to break in. So you don’t have to sit and wait around for it to break in. You will feel comfortable in these straight from the box.

Overall, with a classy design and a good midsole support. It is very easy to say that these are a great pair of flip flops. Also, other features such as the large instep panel and the snug feet undoubtedly make it one of the best flip-flops for walking long distances.


However, the slight problem with this is the footpad. There have been complaints about the footpad being really small and narrow. Check out user reviews to learn more.


  • Minimal and stylish.
  • Takes no time to break in.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • The cushioned platform is very dense. Giving you good shock absorption.
  • Perfect for walking and wearing all day.
  • Snug fit.
  • Great arch support.
  • High-quality shoe.


  • The footpad is a bit small and narrow.
  • Some may not like the snug fit.




3. Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal

Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong SandalThe majority of the most comfortable flip flops for walking are not very good looking or stylish. Another issue about flip flops is that there aren’t many summer flip flops out there with good and decent arch support. However, the Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal isn’t like your average pair of flip-flops. They are much more than that.

When summer comes knocking on the door, you would want to have a pair of nice flip flops for walks down the beach or lonely sunny roads. And the Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandal will be your ideal companion. With a very free and open design, you will surely be able to feel cool. Starting with the comfort, they will take one or two days to break in. We would suggest you walk in them a bit around your house to fully make it break in. The fit shouldn’t be an issue at all as it comes in a number of different sizes and the overall design of the shoe helps in giving a nice fit as well.

However, the best thing about this pair of flip flops is the arch support it provides. As the heel of the shoe is really thick and has a lot of cushioning, arch support isn’t an issue at all.




  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Wide toe box.
  • Looks stylish and cute.



  • The strap isn’t very comfortable.



4.Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal:

Skechers Women's Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

Skechers is a brand extremely well known for making comfortable sneakers. However, they also make some excellent flip flops as well. And the Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal is one of them. Starting off with the looks, they are very different from a traditional pair of flip flops for women. The Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal is made from something called a web fabric upper with a thong construction. The minimal details on the straps really give the sandals a nice and appealing look. It also comes in a number of different colors. So in case, if you do not like the funky colors, you can always go with the classic black or grey variants.

Despite being priced so low, the shoe has a very good and soft fabric lining. The footbed is also very well cushioned. Now. do keep in mind that you won’t be getting cushioning like their sneakers. But then again, it is more than enough for a pair of flip-flops. When you will be walking long distances, you would want to make sure that you are able to move your toes freely. And as the Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal has a sculpted toe reach to do just that and also enhance comfort. The outsole is made from a textured rubber. Which has pretty good grip without making the shoe heavy.



  • The strap makes it easy to get a very good fit.
  • Looks different.
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis and other orthotic conditions.


  • Not ideal for every occasion.


5.Oofos OOriginal Men/Women Thong Sandal STEEL:

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong Flip Flop

The Oofos OOriginal Men/Women Thong Sandal STEEL has to be the most straightforward pair of flip flops we ever tested. They are just so basic and simple that we really don’t have much to talk about them. But then again, we will try our best.

If you are someone who does a lot of walking long distances often then this will be the ideal flip-flop you would want to go for. Even runners wear the Oofos OOriginal Men/Women Thong Sandal STEEL after they have had a good and fun practice to keep their feet comfy. They look like very classic and average flip-flops. However, one very different thing about this shoe is in the arch area. The Oofos OOriginal Men/Women Thong Sandal STEEL has a very high arch. This is a bit sturdy helping your heels to relax while walking. However, the overall shoe is pretty soft and squishy. So every time you walk in these, you can really feel the sole pushing up into your arch.

Now, you won’t be able to feel comfortable straight away wearing these shoes, These do take a bit of time to break in. So if you do feel a bit locked in while wearing this for the first time do not freak out. Because they will gradually become more comfortable.



  • Simple and minimal.
  • A very basic flip-flop.
  • Good rubber construction.


  • Takes a bit of time to break in.



If you are someone who likes to wear flip-flops while walking for long distances. Then it is very important that you get a pair of the best flip flops for walking long distances. Not only will they look good on you but they will also keep you comfortable as well.




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