Best Goalkeeper Gloves In the World – Top 5!

The Lone Gladiator:

Today the team at Golden Hobbyist has decided to bring you a list of the best goalkeeper gloves in the world. We believe that goalkeepers aren’t given the attention they deserve for the immaculate hard work they do. Just look it for yourself. It takes 10 men on the pitch to score a goal. But there is only one single gladiator to save them all. And that gladiator is called the goalkeeper as we know them. Playing as a goalkeeper in soccer is truly a very important and crucial task.

And it takes a special kind of person to take up the responsibility. Every time goalkeepers go for saving a shoot, they put their bodies on the line. That cannot be said for the players in other positions. There is something truly special about being the last man in defense.

If you are a someone who plays as a goalkeeper in soccer, then you already know that you need the best grip on the ball. Be it on your hands or feet. Especially the feet. And this is why having a pair of the best gloves for goalkeeping is truly a must-have. Having a pair of lightweight pair of gloves that are sticky will surely help you in catching the ball. And keeping your goal safe and secure.

Lucky Position:

One common thing amongst most sports equipment. Especially gear made for soccer is extremely expensive. Other sports equipment are also priced very heavily. However, if you are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves in the world, then you are a lucky guy. And that is because goalkeeping gloves are usually priced very low. And is not the most expensive thing in the world.

A Wide Variety:

There is a common misconception of goalkeepers that there aren’t enough goalkeeper gloves in the market. This is not true. There are many. As a matter of fact, there are so many different types of goalkeeping gloves out there. That you will be confused which one you should go for. However, since we do not want you to get confused and messed up we decided to write this article about the best goalkeeper gloves in the world.

Over this article, we will be going through some of the best goalkeeper glovesAnd also look at some key points and factors that you should keep in mind before you go on to make your purchase. So let’s jump in and look at the beautiful array of goalkeeping gloves from the big names such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and much more.

Things To Look For:

As much easy as it may seem. Buying a pair of the best goalkeeper gloves in the world is no easy task. Firstly because there are so many different types of them out there. Second, different types of gloves suit with different hands. So the shape and size of your feet will play a major role as well.

The Different Types:

Box Cut:

This is a type of goalkeeper gloves that are usually made for more like the cheaper end of the market. And that is because only a single piece of latex for the palm and fingers is stitched to the back of the glove with gussets. Even though they are extremely tight. They do not give you a very good grip. And hence are not that good. We would really advise you to avoid these type of gloves.

Roll Finger Cut:

This is another type of goalkeeping gloves that involve latex. A latex cut will wrap around your finger and connect it directly back to the glove. This enhances grip by a very wide margin.

Combination Cuts:

These are probably the ones you should go for. And that is because these combines different cuts to give you the best of both worlds.

The Material On Your Palm:

Since you will be wearing your gloves on your hands, it is very obvious that the gloves you buy do suit your palms. It will truly play a huge part in the performance. This is also where the type of material used also comes into play. Latex may be the grippiest. But since, you will be using these gloves on a regular basis. They would not last much longer. Professional players prefer latex gloves because of the good grip. However, they do not have to worry about their gloves degrading over time.

This is why to keep the best of both worlds, most manufacturers today are now making gloves that have both latex and rubber. Which is truly an excellent combination.

The Thickness:

Most goalkeeping gloves that are made today are very thin. And this is to give a more good feel of the ball. However, to give a better feel of the ball, protection and cushioning is sacrificed. However, this is not something you should be afraid of if you like thicker gloves. Because there are still a lot of them in the market.

Protecting Your Fingers:

I think we all goalkeepers know that a shot too good from the striker can surely take a toll on your finger if the save has not been made right. Goalkeeping glove manufacturers have given this thought and are now making gloves with finger protection. What they have done is include a plastic spine down each finger to prevent hyperextension injuries. Even though it is very small. It is surely a measure worth taking. However, they won’t be able to help you from severe injuries such stubbed fingers or having your hand stepped on.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves In The World:

  • Adidas Ace Trans Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves.
  • Nike GK Vapor Grip 3.
  • Reusch Soccer Receptor Deluxe G2.
  • PUMA evoSPEED 3.3 Goalkeeper Glove.
  • Nike Match Goalkeeper Football Glove.


1. Adidas Ace Trans Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves:

Adidas Ace Trans Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

When Adidas announced that they will be dropping the Predator range from their line. It created quite a stir. And that was because the Predator series was probably one of the best lines from Adidas. So much so, the iconic red and black Predator soccer boots still hold a classic memory for many.

However, when they replaced the Predator lineup with the Ace series. Many were unsure of whether it would live up to its legendary forefather. Well, the soccer boots really made a huge impact. With midfield maestros like Ozil, James, and Paul Pogba putting them on. They were surely a hit.

However, since we are here to talk about the best goalkeeper gloves in the worldwe will see whether the Adidas Ace Trans Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves lived up to its expectation or not.

A New Era:

Since the Ace series is a new lineup, you would very much expect it to have a completely new design and outlook. And so it does. Along with adding a few extra features here and there as well.

It is designed very much in keeping the look and feel of the soccer cleats of its line. The area between the palm and the fingers of your hand are covered by a  type of foam component. This enables much greater grip in tough weather conditions. It also has extra shock absorption.

Overall, this is an excellent pair of gloves. With this pair, Adidas has really played out the cards. These gloves focus on giving you a very good punching zone. So that you are able to punch away those corners. In addition, the overall construction and design allow immense flexibility.

Apart from all these things, the one thing that truly stands out is the color combination of these gloves. The look of the blue base and the black fingers really stand out and make an impression.

2. Nike GK Vapor Grip 3:

Nike GK Vapor Grip 3

If we have talked about a pair of gloves from Adidas. It is pretty obvious that we would talk about one from Nike has well. Both of them have been competing from the start of their time. And have always been head to head for most of their time.

This pair of gloves is probably one of the best on the listAnd we will tell you why. However, one thing that you will notice straight away is the bright orange citrusy colorway. To be honest, the blue and black stripes from Adidas has nothing on this. This looks way better and appealing.

However, these pair of gloves is much more than their looks and colors. There are a number of major details here and there. A unique thing about these gloves is that they feature a hybrid cut. What this means is that the technology from Nike will help in wrapping your fingers close to the gloves. And give you a seamless grip and control when you catch the ball. The palm features a 4mm foam and to add stability to the wrist. On the backside of the glove, you will notice that there is a bit of mesh material. This is included to enhance breathability. So that your hands stay cool and dry.

3. Reusch Soccer Receptor Deluxe G2:

Reusch Soccer Receptor Deluxe G2

You may not have heard of them, but Reusch is an excellent sportswear company. And they have been making some really good goalkeeping gloves. Even though very few people know about them. The German brand is truly stepping their game up and making some excellent products.

Little wonder that they convinced Julio Cesar of Benfica, PSG’s Salvatore Sirigu, Valencia’s Diego Alves and QPR’s Rob Green to wear their gloves. These gloves feature what Reusch calls “Rolled Expanse” technology. This works in harmony to give you a good grip. No matter what the conditions are.

Wet or dry. You are surely going to get an excellent grip. It addition to fast responses and flexible actions this is a pair really hard to ignore. One very unique thing about these gloves is that the backhand has a shock shield. This works with the latex to help provide better power and accuracy when punching the ball.


4. PUMA evoSPEED 3.3 Goalkeeper Glove:

PUMA evoSPEED 3.3 Goalkeeper Glove

The competition that Puma is giving Nike and Adidas is truly massive. The big names are truly feeling the heat. And in this heat, Puma released the PUMA evoSPEED 3.3 Goalkeeper Glove. Which is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeeper gloves in the world.

It may not have any crazy color combinations or anything. But it sure looks good and appealing. With a similar design across all their products, Puma has really created a super brand image.

The problem with most goalkeeping gloves today is that they are made very thin in order to enhance grip. However, cushioning and comfort is often sacrificed. With this, however, this is not the case. For people who play soccer in winter and cool conditions. This will be the perfect pair of gloves for them as it is very thick and warm. In addition, the Aqua Latex palm for optimum grip, these stylish mitts are perfect for the coming months.

There is also a thumb wrap design that maximizes ball to ball control. It also provides additional protection and total freedom in the range of movement. A very breathable textile, a type of base layer, is situated on the backhand, along with a mesh insert of the thumb and finger gussets allows for positive airflow through the glove, while the elasticated wrist and full-length latex writs-strap provide maximum support to the wrist. 

5.Nike Match Goalkeeper Football Glove:

Nike Match Goalkeeper Football Glove

If you are in the market looking for something very simple, but also want to be noticed. Then these will be your best option. An all black design really keeps up the minimal design of the gloves. It is made from a very good material. And feels very comfortable.

However, we wouldn’t say these are the greatest of gloves.And that is simply because they lack the modern tech and features. Other than that it’s all good and crisp.

Life Of A Goalkeeper:

Life as a goalkeeper is never easy. Goalkeepers have perhaps the most crucial job of anyone on the soccer field. Not only are they responsible for diving left and right to thwart their opponents’ attempts to score, but they also must act as surveyors of the match in progress. As the only player on the soccer pitch who can see the entirety of the field at all times, a goalie must constantly assess his or her team’s current situation and take charge of the defensive unit. So the next time you fail, remember that you are someone really special and it takes quite the courage to stand up to be the lone man.

We hope this article about the best goalkeeper gloves in the world really helped you in making your purchase.