Best Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box And Arch Support:

Running Is Healthy:

Today we will be talking about some running shoes with wide toe box and arch support. However, before we go on to that, we wanted to talk a bit about running and how it really change your life.

You probably have heard multiple times that running on a regular basis is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it surely is. But many people are not aware of that and of the uncountable benefits that can be achieved from it. This is why we are here to help.

Running is considered to be the king of radio. There just isn’t any other better option available. Because it will take more than a decent stamina to do some intense running. However, once you start doing it on a regular basis, you will surely feel more comfortable.

However, all that exhausting feeling after a run will surely be worth it when you look at the immense benefits. So let’s have a look at them.


Lose Weight:

This is very obvious. As we said before, running is the best cardio that you could ever do to lose fat and maintain a good weight. Many people do not give running the sheer importance that it deserves. It is not only something very easy to perform but it is also very effective. An important factor to keep in mind is that running has the capability to burn more calories than cross-country skiing. And skiing isn’t as easy to start like running.

And it is not just your weight. But your overall health will improve as well. Keeping your cholesterol levels decent and boosting the immune system.


A Disciplined Lifestyle:

Just like every other fitness program, running will also require a lot of dedication and discipline. If you go for a run once in every month, then it won’t be that beneficial. Rather your body will face adverse effects. So once you start running on a daily basis, you will realize that you are living a much better, healthier and disciplined lifestyle. Running also helps to reduce your chances of developing tension headaches.

Running doesn’t only benefit your body, but your mind as well. Keeping you chilled and relaxed at all times. Even short jogs down the park can make you feel energized and ready for the day.

Do You Need Special Shoes?

By reading the title you would have already realized that we aren’t going to be talking about just any type of running shoe. But rather running shoes with wide toe box and arch support. This is very crucial to know because if you want arch support and a wide toe box, Then normal running shoes won’t be able to give you that.

However, there is no need to worry. Because we have compiled a list of the best running shoes with wide toe box and arch support. To save you all the hassle.

If you have come so long reading this, then chances are that you have identified your problem of having a high arch or maybe you have wide feet. Whatever the issue might be, the shoes that we will talk about will surely help in keeping you comfortable during your runs. So let’s have a look.

Best Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box And Arch Support:

  • ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5.
  • New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe.
  • Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe.
  • Nike Free Flyknit.




1. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5:

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5
The 5th generation of the Asics GEL Venture is truly amazing. It is overall a very good running shoe. Perfect for overweight runners. It will give you all that you will ever need from a pair of running shoes.

First of all, what you will notice straight away is that the shoe is very well cushioned. The midsole of the shoe is so well padded, that it will be able to absorb shock without dropping a sweat. Keeping you comfortable. The midsole has  EVA cushioning, making the shoe not only comfortable. But also very durable as well. The midsole is very well designed. As it is a semi curved shape, it easily folds down to the natural shape of the foot. Traction is also very decent. Thanks to the multi-directional grip lugs.

However, the interior of the shoe has more than just a very well cushioned midsole. There is a lining inside the shoe. What this does is keeps your foot dry and cool at all times. Improving airflow and ventilation. There is much more to this ventilation than the eyes can see. And that is because when your feet stay dry. You are very unlikely to suffer from blisters, rashes or other severe foot diseases. The upper of the shoe is made from a mix of synthetic and mesh material. This gives a very soft and plush fit and feel. The material is also very lightweight. However, do not think that the lightness of the overall shoe will hamper durability. Because it sure doesn’t.

All in all, these are an excellent pair of shoes. Probably the best running shoes for wide feet and those who need arch support. If you are looking for a pair of running shoes to help you in your journey of losing weight. Then this is the one to go for.


  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has loads of cushioning.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect for running in all conditions.
  • Has GEL cushioning.
  • Deep heel cup.
  • Very wide and roomy toe box.


  • Takes a bit of time to break in.


2. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe:


New Balance Men's MW877 Walking ShoeNew Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

If you are someone overweight looking for a pair of shoes to do some running in, then definitely check these out. According to your criteria, you will need something that is comfortable, stable and able to provide you ample support. And the New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe fits in perfectly into this category.

You will notice that the upper of the shoe looks very different. And that is because the upper is made from a suede material. This gives a really nice look to the shoe and also makes it comfortable. These shoes also have a very wide toe box. This allows you to move your feet freely. It helps especially if you have wide feet. And finding running shoes like these for wide feet is very difficult. As they are very rare. This one, however, is a gem.

Thanks to the cushioned insole. Despite being a suede shoe, the breathability on this one is excellent. It does a great job in the air flow so that your feet don’t start to stink.

Overall, this is an excellent shoe. And whenever someone asks about what are the best running shoes for heavy runners with wide feet. We would suggest this pair without a doubt. It is well built, very durable, looks good and most importantly will help you to run those miles.


  • Looks stylish.
  • Has excellent cushioning.
  • Provides good cushioning.
  • Has excellent cushioning and prevents your feet from getting sweaty and stinky.
  • Has a very wide toe box.


  • The suede material tends to get dirty very quickly and is also a bit of a hassle to wash.



1. Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe:

Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe
Reebok has always been an excellent brand in the market for athletic shoes and other types of sporting gear. However, over time they have been pretty silent in the market. And hasn’t created any hype whatsoever. However, with this one, they have completely changed it all. They have completely regenerated themselves with this particular model. The shoe is made from a type of synthetic material. But it isn’t like the other shoes on the market and is very different in comparison. And that is because the upper of the shoe is made infused with Kevlar. Not only is this innovative, but also gives the shoe incredible durability. The durable upper will make sure that the shoe can take a good beating. The sole is a made of rubber and will ensure a good enough grip so that you stay steady.

A common thing with most shoes that are well built and have lots of features have one thing in common. And that is, despite being branded so heavily they don’t perform according to expectations. However, with this one, this is completely not the case. These are a great pair of shoes and performs as good as they look.

The shoe has decent cushioning as well. But not anything over the top. It is just enough for running and walking long distances. You will find it very comfortable while running. With this, you will be able to kill your every running session with comfort. The tongue of the shoe is also a very nice feature, As it moves freely and is thick. Allowing you to easily slide on your feet.

No Break In:

When you are buying any running shoe, you will need to keep one very important thing in mind. And that is how long they take to break in and how they feel once they do. And in both these departments the Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe aces with high marks. These shoes take absolutely no time to break in. And they get even better once you wear them a couple of times. The shoes get much softer giving you a better feel. 



  • Looks good.
  • Does not take any time to break in.
  • The Very wide toe box makes it easier for your feet to move.
  • The kevlar material helps in the comfort of the shoe.
  • Easy to put on and off.


  • The fit may feel a bit too tight.

2. Nike Free Flyknit:

Nike Free Flyknit
As you all know by now, Nike makes excellent shoes. Just like their other products, this is no exception. In recent times you will notice that the big shoe companies such as Nike and Adidas have been playing and researching a lot of knitting. So that they can make their shoes more lightweight and comfortable.

This pair of shoe is a clear outcome of all that research. Some may say that this is not one of the best running shoes for women. However, it surely does fall into that category. They have all that you will ever need from a pair of running shoes. They are lightweight, minimal looking and comfortable all around. Because of the flyknit material, the shoe not only looks good. But also feels extremely light and comfortable to wear as well. Another good thing about the flyknit material that often goes unnoticed is that it does an excellent job of ventilation. So that your feet stay dry and cool at all times. Without causing any sort of irritation to your skin.

Since it is made especially for overweight people, the shoe is a bit curved, so they change the shape of your foot. The shoe is also very smartly designed as well. Like for example when you tighten the laces, the whole shoe gives a pretty well-secured and snug fit. In addition, there is also a molded sock liner. This helps to follow the contours of the foot naturally.

The midsole may not be the most comfortable one on the list. But it surely helps a great deal. The midsole has a Phylite material that is durable and responsive. It feels very comfortable without adding any extra weight whatsoever.


  • The flyknit material is very soft and comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Looks sporty.
  • Perfect for running and workout.
  • Can absorb shock pretty well.


  • The sizing may be an issue for some.


Final Verdict:

We really hope that this review of running shoes with wide toe box and arch support really helped you to make your purchase. Do let us know what you would want us to write about next.