Best Shoes For Bunions And Wide Feet

People who have bunions or wide feet will know that it is very hard to get a shoe for themselves that is extremely comfortable. In such situations getting the best shoes for bunions and wide feet is very crucial.

However, a majority people who suffer from bunions or wide feet don’t even know that they are suffering from bunions. So what are bunions exactly?

Well, it is very simple. Bunions are a sort of deformity that happens on your feet. It turns out to cause significant discomfort and pain. One of the main reason for this is due to not wearing the right type of shoes. This is why if you are suffering from bunions or have wide feet then you should get shoes that are wide and have a wide toe box. Also, make sure that the upper of the shoes are made from soft materials such as a mesh fabric. The shoes that you get should also have a very good amount of cushioning. So that they can protect the bunions from the impact.

Now there are a lot of shoes out there that you buy online. And there are plenty of them for bunions and wide feet. But finding the best one is a bit of a hassle. Since there are so many shoes out there on the market. However, to make it easy for you, we will be talking about the shoes for wide feet and bunions. So without any further a due. Let’s look at some shoes.


Best Shoes For Bunions And Wide Feet:

  • Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe.
  • Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneaker.
  • RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe.
  • Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe.



1. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe:

Best Shoes For Bunions And Wide Feet

If you are looking for a shoe that looks sporty but will also be able to help you walk if you are someone with bunions. Then this shoe will be the perfect one for you. They are soft, comfortable and will be able to provide an excellent cushioning overall. These shoes have a very wide toe box so that you can move your foot around. You will also not feel any pain on your bunions when you are jogging or running. The upper is also vert soft and comfortable.

The upper is also vert soft and comfortable. And that is because they are made from a breathable mesh upper. The upper also helps to minimize the irritation and frictions that are often caused by bunions.

However, the main reason why these shoes are so great is that of the midsole. These shoes feature a parallel wave midsole technology. What this does is that it combines the underfoot with the midsole to provide you good cushioning and shock absorption. Another unique feature about this is that the insoles of these shoes are removable.

As a whole, these are a great pair of shoes overall. It offers traditional comfort, durability and excellent performance. For those who are active runners and like to do a lot of workouts then this will be the perfect shoe for you. It will give you a painless and safe running and jogging experience.

However, the problem with these shoes is that the fit is a bit too broad.



2. Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneaker:

Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker

This sneaker may not be very sporty or good looking, but this is a great shoe nonetheless. A perfect one for ideal or leisure activities. The upper of the shoe is made from leather. The leather upper allows you to have a very snug and comfortable fit. The classic and old school lacing system also allows you to adjust the right fit. The padded sock liner provides a good deal of cushioning, whereas the rubber outsole ensures a very durable finish.

If you are facing severe problems with your bunions, then you should try these shoes out. It is one of the best shoes for bunions and wide feet.

Overall, this shoe is very supportive, comfortable and also has a good amount of slip resistance, so you don’t end up falling on slippery floors. It is also very stylish. The whole white look gives a nice look to the shoe. But most importantly it is very lightweight. And last but not the least, it is very easy to clean as well.

However, the issue with these shoes is in the sole thickness. The outsole of the shoe is very thin, and the inner sole inserts are not that durable.



3. RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe:

RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe

With some different colors, these pair of shoes is truly a wonder to look at. But they are also very comfortable. The upper of the shoe is made from a mix of leather and synthetic material. That is not only durable but also looks great. This shoe has an EVA midsole that provides supreme comfort and stability. The sock liner will be able to give you an all day support. So that you don’t can walk wearing these shoes all day.

They also don’t take much time to break in. It is a great addition. The arch support on these shoes is just great, and they are more comfortable than most running shoes in the market today.



4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe:

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

If you are looking to buy the best shoes for bunions and wide feet, then it is very unlikely that you would want it to look good rather than being comfortable. Comfort will be your first option. However, theSkechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe makes a perfect combination of both. Not only does it look good. But it also feels very comfortable.

Firstly because of the unique material by which the shoe is made is superb. It makes the shoe comfortable to wear. The immediate thing that you will notice about these shoes is that they are not very sporty. And that is because they were made not to be. Rather, they were built for long walks or strolls. However, you can wear them for light workout sessions.

Once you wear the shoe, you will feel as of you are walking on a feather. Since the shoe is made from yoga mat material, they offer you excellent support and cushioning. Sudden impact on your feet is the most common reason why you will feel pain in your feet. And the cushioning on these shoes make sure that your feet can handle that impact.

The main highlight of these shoes is that they are very lightweight and comfortable. And that is all you need in a shoe for bunions. Another unique feature that you will find on these shoes is that they give a lot of bounce. Which you won’t find in most walking shoes. The mesh design provides good airflow and keeps your feet cool and dry.



Many people often think that finding shoes for wide feet or bunions is a very hassle some job, Whereas, it isn’t. It is something that is very easy and convenient. There are some different shoes for bunions and wide feet that you can find out there. Over this article, we have talked about the best shoes for bunions and wide feet. If you do some more research yourself, then you will be able to find much more.

Bunions are a very severe issue and if not treated well can turn out to be very injurious. So if it gets severe then do consider seeing a doctor.

If you are someone who has extra wide feet then make sure you choose the proper shoe. Check out our post Best extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet to learn more.


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