Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors All Day

For some people, they always need to be on the rush and walking all day. It may be because of their profession or maybe you like walking on concrete from time to time. No matter what the reason may be, if you are someone who spends a majority of their time walking on concrete floors then you will need to get shoes that will suit your specifications. Shoes that are a bit different than the other shoes on the market. You will need shoes that have extra cushioning and supports the arch well. You will need a pair of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day.

However, getting a pair of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day is not that easy. And that is mainly because there are so many different types of shoes out there. It becomes really confusing and a bit of a hassle to chose the right one. Before you set your mind upon which one to buy. There are some key things that you would need to beforehand.

1. Well Cushioned:

Walking on concrete all day can turn out to be dangerous and cause you severe foot problems if you aren’t wearing the right shoe. Make sure that the shoe you buy has a lot of cushioning. Athletic and sporty shoes work the best here as they have a lot of cushioning. Having extra cushioning on your shoes will surely help you a long way. Because it will decrease the stress that is created on your feet during walking on concrete. So keep that in mind.

2. The Shoe Must Be Roomy:

If you will be getting a shoe for walking on concrete, then make sure that it’s roomy. Shoes that are wide and roomy will allow you to move your feet freely so that you don’t feel cramped. And this is very crucial. Because you will end up hurting yourself walking on concrete if your feet is all cramped up. It can also cause serious injuries as blood may not be able to circulate properly throughout your feet properly.


3.Expensive Is Not Always The Best:

We human beings are very gullible and we are creatures of habit. If we think we like something and it suits us. We will be ready to give all our resources on hold to get or use that. This is where big brands and companies use this to their advantage. They market their products so well that you will be ready to pay a premium price for a very average product. In this way, our minds have developed in such a way that we believe whatever is expensive has to be the best out there. This is not always true. Especially in the case of shoes. There are many different not so well known brands who make insanely comfortable shoes. But as they do not have the resources to invest in marketing and promotion they lack behind. So always keep in mind that expensive will not always be the best solution.


Reviews Of The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors All Day:

  • Asics  GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe.
  • ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4.


Walking on concrete is hard. So to make it really easy for you we have decided to talk about the most comfortable shoes for walking on concrete all day that you can buy online at excellent deals. So let’s get into it.


Men’s Version:


1. Asics  GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe:

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

As reading the name you could have already understood this is a walking shoe. As weird as it may seem. there are actually different shoes for walking. This isn’t any marketing trick or something. But these shoes will actually make a difference in your walking. Now we will agree that this may not be the best-looking walking shoe on the market. But you have to realize that this shoe serves a completely different purpose. The upper of the shoe is very interesting. It is made from a mix of synthetic and mesh material. You will see that there are little mesh panels on the side of the shoe. This not only seems appealing but they are functional as well. What they do is improve breathability. So that your feet don’t sweat and stink.

Starting from the upper to the outsole. Every part and feature of this shoe will give it their best to make sure you are comfortable standing on your feet on concrete. The outsole is made from a very soft rubber. However, despite that, it is still very grippy and provides good traction.

When you are walking on the concrete grip is immensely important. Because you never know when you might slip or snap and injure yourself. However, the Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe will make sure you don’t. Keeping you safe at all times.


  • Very functional design.
  • Designated shoe for walking.
  • Sporty.
  • Comes in a number of colors.
  • Comfortable for walking in any condition.
  • Very durable sole.


  • The outsole might be a bit too hard.


Women’s Variant:


2. ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4:

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4

Asics have been a classic brand for many years.We at Golden Hobbyist like them a lot. You see before there were any Nikes or Adidas, Asics was the king. Almost every teenager wanted a pair of Asics sneakers. However, from there Asics have come a long way. And now they are focusing more on making shoes that are comfortable, but also sporty and stylish.

The ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4 is one such shoe. We can say it with our eyes closed that it is one of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day. Now even though this one may not be the ideal walking shoe like the one we talked before, but this is in no way less. It is more of a dual thing. You can see from the design that the shoes look extremely sporty. So not only can you walk in these. But you will also be able to hit the gym or go for a few runs as well.

The thing about lightweight shoes is that in order to sacrifice weight, cushioning is often sacrificed on such shoes. However, that is definitely not the case with the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4. For such a light shoe, it has quite the cushioning that you would expect and the midsole is also very comfy as well.

A major advantage of having a lightweight shoe is that since the upper is very soft you are very likely to get good breathability. Keeping you cool and dry at all conditions. The fit of the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4 is also pretty good. As the shoe is pretty flexible it will fit well to any feet type. Wide or narrow. Even though the midsole of this shoe is not one of the best ones out there, it still helps and does a pretty good job of absorbing shock. You will not have to worry about the durability of the sole as the shoe is pretty hard and rigid.

Overall, this is an excellent shoe. We can undoubtedly say that it is one of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day for women. If you do not like this particular colorway then you can check out the wide variety of other colorways available as well.


  • Very sporty.
  • Insanely lightweight.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Will fit any foot type. Wide or narrow.


  • Does not provide good arch support.





Both these shoes are excellent. As a matter of fact, they are one of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day. You are very unlikely to go wrong with these ones. No matter which one you choose. They will surely serve you well.