Best Shoes To Wear For Achilles Tendonitis – Top Picks

Achilles Tendonitis Can be a problem: 

Achilles tendonitis, simple put, is the inflammation in the achilles tendonitis area. One may have severe inflammation in the area due to rigorous walking, running or even being on feet for a prolong period of time. This pain can be a problem if you have to be on your feet for a long time. So today, we will taking a look at some of the best shoes to wear for achilles tendonitis. We will be taking a look at sports,formal, hiking and cross training.

Before you buy:

Before you pick up a shoe you must know shoes are not the permanent fix. Achilles tendonitis can be fixed with rest, feet massages and proper treatments. Achilles tendonitis paincan be fixed within two to three months of rest and massage. So if your pain still persists even after wearing proper shoes and taking proper rest, then be sure to consult with a doctor, as leaving your feet untreated may lead to serious walking defects. So without any further ado let’s check out some shoes.


Best Shoes to wear for achilles tendonitis:




1.ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19:

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19

The first shoe in the list we suggest is from Asics. This shoe is for those who are into sports. This model is well known and used by people with feet problems such as achilles tendonitis and high arches. And as a result this will help you if you have achilles tendonitis. The shoe has advance shock absorbent technology which will lower the tension created in achilles tendonitis area. If you walk or run then this is the shoe you should be taking a look at. The soles have gel cushioning system which will help you a great deal. Overall, these are one of the best shoes to wear for achilles tendonitis. The shoe is available for both men and women.


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Formal Shoes (Achilles Tendonitis):


2.1.Clarks Men’s Portland 2:

Clarks Men's Portland 2


If you have some formal events or need to go to work with achilles tendonitis pain then this is the shoe for you. This shoe has a very simple yet elegant design and best for formal events. The shoe has ample cushioning which will help ease the achilles tendonitis pain. The shoe is also very breathable allowing your feet to breathe and prevent smelly feet. This classic shoe has wide toe box allowing your feet some room. And especially great if you have wide feet. Overall, this is a great shoe and you should check it out.


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2.2Clarks Women’s Wendy Laurel Fisherman Sandal:

Clarks Women's Wendy Laurel Fisherman Sandal
The cutaway shoe from Clarks is what we recommend for formal use if you have achillies tendonitis. The shoe speaks for itself. Nothing too fancy, a simple design meant for business. So, if you work at a desk job or a white collar job then this shoe is for you. Being said that, this shoe is not limited to only the design aspect. This is a wonderful shoe with great comfort. The shoe has very soft cushioning and Ortholite footbed will help you a deal with achilles tendonitis and also help you avoid smelly feet in the office environment. 

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Hiking Boots:


Dr. Comfort Ranger Hiking Boot:

Dr. Comfort Ranger Hiking Boot

If you want to go hiking/walking but afraid of your feet pain then the shoe from Dr. Comfort will solve it. The name in it of itself gives an idea what the shoe is for. The shoe has great support and cushioning for your feet. The has Dr Comfort Gel insert to help you enjoy your hiking trip without putting much pressure on your feet and knee. If your knees hurt after rigorous trekking and walking then this shoe is likely to reduce that pain. Overall, this is one of the best shoe for your achilles tendonitis pain. So if you are into hiking and trekking then be sure to take a look at the shoe. However, the shoe has only men’s version. So if you are looking for hiking boots for men then this should be your answer.


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Cross Training:


PUMA Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe:

PUMA Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe

If you are into cross training then be sure to check these shoes out. As we know cross training tends to be very rigorous exercise regimen. This rigorous training can greatly impact your feet. So if you don’t have the proper feet gear then you may end up getting injured. To prevent injury picking out the proper shoe is very important. This is where the Puma Cell Surin Cross Training shoe comes in. This shoe is specifically made for cross training as the name suggests. Puma is a very well known sports brand and this is reflected on this shoe. This shoe is great for those who have achilles tendonitis and wants to partake in cross training. The shoe is fully synthetic and has a very good looking design. The rubber sole will give you great grip especially during your training. The shoe also has heel cushioning which will help minimise injuries and reduce pressure on feet. Overall this is one of the best shoes to wear for achilles tendonitis if you cross train. The shoe has both men’s and women’s version.


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