Top 6 – Best Soccer Balls For The Money

A Necessity:

We all have been at that position when there were a number of eager players ready to play soccer. But unfortunately, you couldn’t because there wasn’t a ball. This is why you should always have one of the best soccer balls for the money in your soccer arsenal. It doesn’t matter if you play soccer as a hobby recreationally or professionally. Having a good soccer ball always helps.

However, it is not that easy as it seems. And that is because buying good soccer balls can be very expensive. If you are looking to get the best ones out there. On top of that, even if you are willing to spend the money. There are so many different soccer balls out there from so many different brands. It is obvious that you will get very confused. However, since there are so many soccer balls out there. You don’t really need to spend a lot on buying a good soccer ball. So finding the best soccer balls for the money is quite an easy task.

Over this article, we will be going through the best soccer balls for the money that you can buy out there. And also look at a few factors and points that you should keep in mind before you go on to make your purchase.

A Bit Of Padding Does The Job:

If you are looking for good quality in your soccer balls then I would suggest you for something that is a bit well padded. A soccer ball that is well padded will give you a nice feel whenever you receive or shoot the ball. Now many people will tell you that soccer balls with good enough padding are really expensive. And yes they are. However, we did a bit of research online and found out that there are quite a number of good soccer balls out there that come extremely cheap as well.

Factors To Keep In Mind:

As we mentioned before, buying the best soccer balls  can turn out to be quite a confusing task. As there are so many different choices out there. However, after going through these tips and factors you will surely be able to get a clearer idea about soccer balls and how to buy them.


1. Material:

The material is probably one of the most crucial points that you need to keep in mind before you go on to buy soccer balls. And this is because soccer balls that are priced low are usually made from plastic or bad materials that don’t last long. These type of soccer balls are strongly not recommended.

2. How Will You Use Them?

A lot will also depend on how often you play with them and what conditions you play with it. For example, if you mostly play on indoors, courts or streets. Then you would need a different type of ball that is specially made for the court. Whereas there are different balls made for the grass field. How often you use them will also play a crucial role as well.

3. Worth The Price:

If you play soccer with your buddies just on the weekends or give it a few kicks with your child on Sunday mornings. Then there is absolutely no need to get an expensive soccer ball.

4. Spend  A Bit:

However, on the other hand, if you are someone who is looking to hit it professionally and practice soccer very often. Then it is very crucial that you spend a bit and get better quality soccer balls. As you will be using them on a daily basis and they will be taking quite the hit. So you will need something very durable.

5. Do A Bit Of Research:

You can never learn enough. Especially in the case of soccer gear. Soccer balls to be more specific. In addition to reading our article, you can also do some external research as well. Ask your friends and team mates for suggestions and what ball they use or feel good playing in.

6. Read Reviews:

As I said before, there is no end of doing research. And reviews are an excellent way to learn about new products and how they work.



What Are Futsal Soccer Balls?

As we have mentioned before, there are many different types of soccer balls out there. However, don’t get confused. There are just a few. Not many. Futsal balls are one of them. So now the question arises. What are futsal soccer balls? Well, futsal balls are made especially for playing on indoor, streets or concrete surfaces. They are usually a bit small and different from other normal soccer balls. Most times they are a little bit heavier and they don’t fly so much as the balls for outside soccer. We will talk more about futsal balls some other day.


Best Soccer Balls For The Money:

  • Nike Ordem 3.
  • Champion’s League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball.
  • PUMA evoPOWER 1 Statement 15 Ball.
  • Adidas Euro Qualifier Official Match Ball.
  • Diadora Serie A II.
  • Adidas MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball.



1. Nike Ordem 3:

Nike Ordem 3

The premier league ball used in previous seasons is quite the looker with its bright orange and yellow colorway. However, each league got its own colorway. This one, however, looks best. The Nike Ordem 3 is a very technologically advanced soccer ball. It delivers accurate flight with consistent touch and has really good visibility.

The way it is designed is very good as well. The 12-panel design helps in giving the ball a good flight. It also helps in distributing pressure evenly all across the ball. And as a result, you get a very accurate and powerful feel. That is also very consistent.

You really do not have to worry about your first touch while you are playing with this. The leather casing ensures that the ball has reliable and responsive first touch. The leather casing also makes the ball very durable as well. Because of the latex chamber, the ball is also very lightweight. Allowing you to accelerate easily.

Overall, this is an excellent soccer ball. With looks that catch the eye and a good, light textured casing providing you an exquisite touch. You are very unlikely to go wrong with this one.


2. Champion’s League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball:

Champion's League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

The champions league match ball has always been a classic and a favorite of many. So it would have been harsh not to put it on the top list. It is truly one of the best soccer balls for the money.

Just like every other season, the design and the outlook of the ball are pretty much the same. With just a few updates here and there. Starting off, it has the location of the final written on it. It is an excellent detail. Once you start playing with it, you will realize that the star patterns have much more to it than design. The raised 4 texture of the stars provide additional traction on the ball. It will also improve the spin on shots as well. That is if you shoot it correctly.

Overall, with a very clean design, it is a ball that you cannot ignore. The aerodynamics are perfectly balanced on the Finale 15. It will ensure that you get good distance on clean shots.


3. PUMA evoPOWER 1 Statement 15 Ball:

PUMA evoPOWER 1 Statement 15 Ball

Recently Puma has really upped their game. And now are giving quite a hard time to Nike and Adidas. The big guns. And this soccer ball is a pure example of how far they have come.

Even though Puma hasn’t been able to sponsor on the big leagues. It really doesn’t matter. Because it does not change how good their products are. However, you can see these balls often used in international friendly matches.

Now, the material used here is very unique. And that’s what makes it so good. It has a duo density EVA foam backing. This makes the touch really soft and improves consistency over time. It has a seamless design and the high-frequency molded construction creates excellent form retention and durability. It has a dual textured casing. Which you can notice straight away.

Once you go through the ball, you will surely be able to notice all the effort and dedication that had been put into it in making this ball. And I must say, Puma has truly succeeded.

Overall, we at Golden Hobbyist really like this soccer ball. The design is nice. And unlike most soccer balls out there, the design actually plays a part in the performance of the ball. In addition, the extra padding makes a good first touch. Perfect for improving your ball control.

4. Adidas Euro Qualifier Official Match Ball:

Adidas Euro Qualifier Official Match Ball

This ball was used during the Euro 2016 qualifying matches. And we can surely ensure you that it’s an excellent one. Even though at first you may think of it as a more improved version of the Brazuca. But there are a number of other different upgrades as well.

This ball is very well designed. It has panels that are shaped like wings and they are interlocked. This helps in bonding and reduces absorption. Just like every other good soccer ball on the market, this also has a micro dimple design. And this design obviously provides extra grip and improves your first touch.

In this list of the best soccer balls for the money. This is undoubtedly the lightest of them all. Therefore, it will also respond to your strike very well. You will really enjoy hitting this one.

Overall, you can say that this is more of an upgraded version of the Brazuca. It is light, fun to strike and like every other Adidas products, extremely durable.


5. Diadora Serie A II:

Diadora Serie A II

If you want a soccer ball that is affordable but will also provide you with the reliability and fun that you want. Then this will be your best option.

Few people have heard about the brand Diadora. However, the Italian brand makes some excellent football products. And you should definitely give them a look.

The thing that we really liked about this ball is it’s classically inspired design. The ball is held by a 32 panel, making it extremely classy and old school. With the addition of heat molded seams and a PU cover, this is a very simple ball. It does not have any of that high tech stuff like the other ones on the list. But then again, this is the cheapest one you can find. And also, in addition, it performs extremely well as well. Offering you an excellent feel and touch.

Overall, the classic look and the simple features really catch the eye. You may not get advanced updates and all. But then again, that doesn’t really affect the performance.



6. Adidas MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball:

Adidas MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

If you are an MLS fan, then you can surely do with a bit of league souvenir anytime no? This is the perfect one.

This is a very underrated soccer ball. Adidas had really put in a lot of effort and dedication in making this one of the best soccer balls for the money. The construction of the ball is made from internal nylon. It is extremely hard and makes the ball more durable. However, it is also very soft as well.

The looks of the ball may not be the best in the market. There are still better-looking soccer balls that you can find on the market. But you will surely grow to its design.

Out of all the soccer balls, what really makes this one stand out is sheerly it’s price. It is extremely cheap, without sacrificing quality.


Final Verdict:

We tried our best to put all the best soccer balls for the money in one article and make it easier for you to make your purchase. However, there are still numerous other soccer balls that you can buy out there. Do let us know about them too. We really hope this article was helpful and will help you to make your purchasing decision. Till then, we will see you next time. Talking about some other soccer gear or equipment. Take care.