Best Soccer Cleats of 2017 – Top 4!

Things You Should Know Before Buying The Best Soccer Cleats:

Football is known as the beautiful game. When more than 250 million players over 200 countries are playing the game it is very hard to deny that it is the most famous sport in the world. For some people, however, it is much more than a game. As the legend, Bill Shankly said “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much more important than that. This clearly shows the undying passion for football all over the world. However today I am not here to talk about the game itself. But the gear needed to play the game. You will be playing football with your feet so undoubtedly soccer cleats will be the most important gear you will need. And this is why I am here to assure you that you get to buy the best soccer cleats in the market.

Nonetheless, there are a few things to consider before you go rushing for that purchase of the soccer shoes that I will be mentioning. First of all, make sure that you are getting the right size. The shoe sizes of brands vary so make sure of that. Without having the right size you won’t be able to play well or feel comfortable.

No matter in which position you play. Below I have listed the soccer cleats for defenders, midfielders, wingers, and strikers. I have used these boots myself for a long time and tested some others for research purposes. So without further delay let’s jump into it.

Best Soccer Cleats:

  • Nike tiempo legend VI FG men’s football boots.
  • Nike Men’s Magista Obra II Firm Ground Cleats.
  • Men’s Nike Mercurial Superfly V Soccer Cleat.
  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom II.


1.Stop The Unstoppable:

nike tiempo legend VI FG mens football boots 819177 soccer cleats

The Nike Tiempo Legend is currently the oldest range of boots until today. A decade has gone since the Nike Air Tiempo Legend was first introduced in 2005. Since then it just took off. The Nike Tiempo Legend was always meant for the footballer who plays with grace and elegance. Now after many years, the sixth generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend is here. With new innovation and superb craftsmanship and combining them to reach a new level of fit and touch.

The reason what makes this boot from Nike so special is that they put a lot of effort into it. They say that they spent many years trying to make it perfect. But is it really that different than the previous ones?. Well, let’s see.

Some Things Never Change:

The best football boots never change and the Nike Tiempo Legend is a great example of it. Although the new Nike Tiempo is equipped with a premium kangaroo leather upper like any other Legend it is actually a bit different this time around. This is because Nike engineered a new leather upper that absorbs less water. So don’t hesitate to put in some tackles on that rainy day. The leather on the upper has been vacuumed pressed on top of the inner skeleton which is made of light foam. And that’s quite brilliant. Because not only does it offer stability to the upper and lock down your foot. It also allows. Once you wear it literally feels like a dream.

Fit And Feel:

That brings us to the fit of the boot. The fit of this boot is undoubtedly heavenly. The premium skeleton kangaroo leather molds and wraps your feet quite well so you can move fast in tight spaces. A feature very essential for defenders. It also feels great right out of the box. That means it probably needs an hour or two to break in and then you will realize how comfy they are. No blister, no heels, no over stretching. The soleplate is pretty much same as the one on the legend with conical studs in a rather flexible sole plate that offers a good overall amount of traction combined with nice maneuverability and movement.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is definitely the best performing shoe in the Tiempo range. The k leather is great and allows a great first touch which is very crucial for any footballer. Specially defenders. Take a bad touch and your opponent gets a chance to score. With the Nike Tiempo Legend 6, this won’t be an issue. The white/orange/black colored design also looks pretty cool and classic. There have been some questions about the durability of the boot. But overall I haven’t faced anything unusual and I hope you don’t too. Overall this is probably the best football boots for any defender who is brave enough and doesn’t regret playing that rough tackle.



2.Be Majestic Be Magista:

Nike Mens Magista Obra II Firm Ground Cleats

What comes to your mind when you see players like Iniesta, Mario Goetze, James Miller?. These are players who mean class and elegance. They are midfielders with that extra bit of flair and magic. You need those certain criteria to fill in the role of the magical midfielder. However, one thing common among the best midfielders in the world is that most of them wear the Nike Magista Obra 2.

Nike was booming in the football boot scene when they launched their Magista Obra 1 range. These boots were an evolution of the market. With a sock like the dynamic fit collar that gave you locked ankle support to the premium quality material, it was an instant hit. Now after some years, Nike has relaunched the Magista in the name of Magista Obra 2. With this launch, Nike took the design to another level. So let’s have a look at the Magista Obra 2 and whether they are actually worth the hype or not.

Crazy Colors:

One thing about Nike that never fails to amaze me is the unique colorways they release. And with the new Magista Obra 2, it is no exception. But this time, they have pushed it to another level with the design. The Nike Magista Obra 2 features a Crimson, Black, and Bright Citrus color combo that is very visually appealing. To be fair this is the flashy high-tech version of what mother nature would have created. As cheesy as it sounds it is very true.

Getting Deeper:

The Nike Magista Obra 2 keeps many of its design cues from the older version. The first being the high collar. It boasts a reengineered fly knit upper with an airy foam lining for comfort. Cables for lockdown and a tighter and more anatomically correct dynamic fit collar. It definitely is still a Magista though. With the utterly comfortable padded sensation kept intact making it feel like the plush socks. The dynamic fit collar is still there and it’s still spandex but it is more improved than ever. It doesn’t cause any blisters and doesn’t hurt your feet unlike the Magista Obra 1.

ReInvented Studs:

The fit is very true to the Magista1 players with wide feet to use them as well. The soleplate has seen a big update as well. Offering a plate with semi-conical studs for optimal movement. This allows you to take quick turns and control the game.

Fit And Comfort:

These boots feel really comfortable right out of the box. The inside of this cleat is very comfortable. As you push your feet inside you can feel a layer of cushion wrap around your feet. As you begin to run around, you will start to feel as if the shoe it a natural part of your feet.

Overall, in conclusion, I would say the Nike Magista Obra 2 are a great pair of boots. Probably the best soccer cleats for the midfielders who like to control. The touch and feel of these boots are awesome. So if you are someone who plays in midfield and is looking to invest in a good pair of boots the Magista Obra 2 is the way to go.




3.Set The Pace In The Speed Of Light:

Nike Men's Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Shoes

One thing that I have always kept in mind while buying any soccer shoe is its appearance. For me, looks do matter. And what is the point of buying an expensive boot if you aren’t able to attract a few eyes to it? This is why the Nike Mercurial Superfly series is one of my favorites. And the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 is no way less. It is in no way less attractive or performance wise better than it’s other generations. But on the football field, however, colors don’t speak, performance does. So are these boots really super and do they fly?. Well, let’s check out.

Be Fast, Be Mercurial:

Over the years many of the greatest wingers have been sporting the Nike Mercurial Superfly. Starting from Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard and who not. These cleats are undoubtedly the best soccer cleats for a winger who likes to speed up the game and leave the defenders for dead.

Compared to its last version the Nike Superfly 4 the 5 has seen some great new changes. No, don’t worry everyone’s favorite dynamic fit collar is still there.The dynamic fit collar has a few nice changes as well.The blister machines and the synthetic strap has been reduced which means pressure points are a thing of the past. It is the upper that has faced a few changes.

Keeping The Fly Knit:

The fly knit material stays on this Superfly as well. It is a very interesting material in my opinion. It doesn’t matter whether you used it before or not. The fly knit on the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 molds right into your feet. The inner lining of the boot is a smooth synthetic that is meant to allow the Flyknit to move and adjust how it will. This, however, sees a lot of little improvements. First being the knitted speed rim. With this technology, Nike is aiming to give the Superfly 5 more structure, stability and lockdown and the changes feel good immediately.

The thing that anyone will notice on the Superfly V is the “3-d textured Speed Rib construction. Every black line that you see running along the forefoot is part of a slightly raised “rib.” Purposed and advertised to aid in adding friction between the boot and the ball, the boot does have some nice grip when having the ball underfoot

The thing that anyone will notice on the Superfly V is the “3-d textured Speed Rib construction. Every black line that you see running along the forefoot is part of a slightly raised “rib.” Purposed and advertised to aid in adding friction between the boot and the ball, the boot does have some nice grip when having the ball underfoot

Fit And Comfort:

If I were to talk about the fit and comfort of these boots I would say these fit like a Formula 1 race car. You can’t do much around but on the other hand, there’s not really anything annoying or squeezing your foot. The re-engineered fly knit upper feels great and comfy allowing you to generate maximum speed. Size wise these are pretty narrow so if you have wide feet don’t even bother to buy these.

No To The Carbon fiber:

If you would remember the previous generation of the superfly had a soleplate which was made of carbon fiber. While it helped the boot to become very light and allowed players to run faster. There were some complaints as well. This time, Nike replaced it with a single layer vacuumed pressed anatomical soleplate to optimize your energy output by allowing your feet to sink into it. Now, this makes the boot very light as well. Not only does putting your foot on the plate feels like stepping on a cloud it actually prevents your foot from moving which makes the Superfly 5 insanely responsive with no stud pressure.

While the soleplate doesn’t have a conventional look to it I became a quick fan. Nike has also altered the shape and build of this soleplate to give a better feel underfoot and fit better with your foot’s shape. The studs are also nice and have key features to it.

The studs on the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 are probably the most aggressive and quite frankly the best on the market for speed. So if you are someone who wants to break ankles and get past defenders with pace these will be the best football boots for you. You will literally feel like a Ferrari in these. The studs are really great and they dig into the ground quickly allowing you to have a high level of traction and doing what the Mercurial does best: quicks cuts, chops, and insane speed.

Control And Touch:

The touch of this shoe in one word is close, precise and very natural both when dribbling and shooting. With the speed ribs offering more grip on the ball than it’s predecessor. The Superfly 5 gave me enough confidence to try out the cheeky stuff while still being pleasantly straightforward.

However, there are still a few things about this shoe that bother me a bit. And that is the design. This may vary but for me, there is just too much going on. And for such a flawless speed monster as this, it should look every bit as fearsome as it feels. Other than that I don’t have any other complaints about it.




4.The Venomous Hypervenom:

Nike Men's Hypervenom Phantom II FG Soccer Cleats

The Nike Hypervenom was probably the most marketed and anticipated boots when it launched. Everyone was literally boosting up the hype. And I joined in the hype too. Even if there were some key problems with the boot it did attract a lot of attention. So Nike thought back and planned to release a new range. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2. While prolific strikers like Wayne Rooney and Neymar being the face of the boot. It is no doubt that this was made for the strikers. So does the Nike Hypervenom 2 live up to its previous version or not?. Let’s check it out.

Bringing The Fly Knit Collar:

The first noticeable feature is the addition of the fly knit dynamic fit collar. This makes the Hypervenom 2 feel more like a sock than the first generation. Simply because the heel seam has been moved towards the inside of the foot. Giving you a really free and distraction less feel so it does feel like a really tight fitting sock around your ankle simply because there’s nothing putting pressure on your ankle joints when you move your foot.

Another thing that stands out actually worried me before I tried on the boot. And that was how the transition between the fly knit and the Nike skin upper was gonna be. But fortunately, Nike made it completely seamless so there’s not really anything in the way.

Fit And Comfort:

The Hypervenom 2 is pretty comfortable as well. It wraps nicely and softly around your foot. Lengthwise it is also the same as the Hypervenom 1. Obviously, the fit is a bit different. It is a bit more seamless and sock-like.

The big difference though is the lockdown where Nike has added flywire cables to keep your foot securely locked on the plate and you definitely actually feel that around the forefoot especially when you get a really good lockdown. But also the placement of the flywire cable means that you actually feel you can bend and flex your foot in any direction without feeling too restricted. This feature is really essential for strikers.

Soleplate And Stud Configuration:

Coming to the soleplate and studs they are mostly the same. Although Nike changed the compound a little bit so it is slightly softer. You will feel that once you go on the pitch because especially the forefoot and the split toning sign is more flexible. This split-toe design actually didn’t really do anything for me on the Hypervenom 1 so it means it is ineffective as well.

Touch And Feel:

So the Hypervenom 2 feels ever so slightly softer and more padded than the Hypervenom 1. It gives you a very close to the ball feel but you also immediately feel these little fibers that Nike engineered into the mesh in the upper. Now this gives you a more damp touch on the ball. Especially also when you strike which is actually a great pleasure. Because you get this big, large, clean striking surface but also it takes away a bit of sting you get when you strike the ball with force. Which is fortunate because that’s what the Hypervenom is meant to do.

Now for those wondering the Hypevenom 2 doesn’t really feel like the Superfly or the Magista. Obviously, the dynamic fit collar is there but that’s pretty much it. And this feels more like the Hypervenom we know. That is because we get the focus on striking, we get the flexible and agile soleplate but it also feels a bit more evolved and seamless when you play in it. So, in other words, it does feel like a pretty good evolution.

Overall I have nothing but great things to say about the Phantom 2. Me playing as a striker sometimes I love to take these boots to training. A lot of people may complain about Nike adding the dynamic fit collar on the Hypervenom Phantom 2 but for me it’s ok. I believe it gives a much better look.



Final Verdict:

All the boots that I mentioned and talked about are in my opinion the best soccer cleats on the market. Nike has been the market leader in the football boot industry for a long time. And they are constantly making the best football boots right now. These best football boots that I mentioned are great and very premium quality. I have heard some people for the hefty price tag these companies charge and while it is true you also have to realize you are getting the best. Paying a few dollars and wearing the same boots as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar is definitely worth it.

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You also have to realize that these are the best football boots on the market and for having the best you will have to pay a little more than usual. Other than that these Nike boots are great and can qualify for the best soccer cleats in the world any day.I hope this review of the best football boots may have helped you.