Best Support Shoes For Standing All Day

The way we stand and sit in our workplace will affect our body. If you don’t sit and stand the right way. And most importantly, if you don’t wear the right shoes you will end up hurting yourself. This is why getting a pair of the best support shoes for standing all day will be very crucial. Some of us have jobs that require us to stand all day at work. Baristas in coffee shops, nurses in hospitals, cashiers in super stores. They stand all day at work. And these are the people who need the best support shoes for standing all day the most.

You Need One

Now you may think that getting such shoes may not be that important. If you think that then you are completely wrong. Because all the shoes that we will be mentioning on the list are specially made so that they can give you support for standing all day. And if you are someone who stands all day at work then you will surely be needing a shoe like this. Otherwise, you will end up getting blisters, pinched toes, foot cramps, sweaty feet and poor arch support may also lead to annoying and unattractive foot concerns. These will very likely end up in increasing your hospital bills.

Things To Consider

If you have set up your mind on getting a new shoe, then there are a few things that you will need to consider beforehand. Firstly, is the type of job you are doing. If you will be standing at your job all day, then it would be great if you buy a slip-resistant shoe that also has good arch support and extra cushioning. Always try to avoid flat shoes. Because they will not be able to provide enough support that you will need for standing all day.

Secondly, buy shoes that are light and breathable. They will be able to helo you to move your feet around, so you will not feel cramped. Always make sure that your shoes fit well. Lastly. Try to find out what type of foot arch you have. If you have flat arches, then try to get a shoe that will give you a lot of support. Whereas, if you have high arches, then look for neutral shoes. We will be covering shoes for both men and women so read through to learn more.

Best support shoes for standing all day:


1.Clarks Women’s Haydn Harvest Flat

Clarks Women's Haydn Harvest Flat

Clarks has always been a favorite among women. And the reason behind that is because they always make some excellent shoes for women. Their shoes are not only stylish, but they also give great comfort as well. The Clarks Women’s Haydn Harvest Flat is precisely a shoe like that. Design wise; they are very simple. But they look elegant and classy. It doesn’t have much detailing about it. But that doesn’t matter. Because they look great nonetheless. You can already realize that this is a shoe for a more matured consumer base.

However, the problem with these shoes is that they are a bit narrow. So people with wide feet may face a few problems wearing it.




  • Elegant and classic look.
  • Professional looking.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Perfect for wearing all day.


  • They stretch out a bit quickly.
  • A bit flimsy.


2. New Balance Men’s Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe

New Balance Men's Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe

If you are looking for the best support shoes , then try getting something sporty and athletic. Like the New Balance Men’s Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe. 

This shoe from New Balance was specially made for people who need to stand all day. They provide good support and cushioning and also absorb shock very well. The arch support and cushioning on this shoe in one word is excellent. And it will give you a comfortable wear all day long. The outsole of this shoe is slip resistant. So you are likely to get superb grip from these.

They may not be the best looking shoes on the list. But they are surely a great pair. New Balance has spent a lot of time and attention in making this shoe the best of the bunch.

However, the problem with these shoes is that even though the shoe has slip resistant. It is not enough. And it doesn’t give you much grip. But other than that, these are a great pair of shoes.



  • Very well made.
  • Very flexible.
  • Has a very stiff sole.
  • Ideal for people with plantar fasciitis.
  • Perfect for wearing for longer periods of time.


  • Not very durable.


3. Dansko Men’s Wyatt Loafer

Dansko Men's Wyatt Loafer



If you are looking to buy a pair of shoes for work, then you will very likely want something that looks formal but is also very comfortable. Well, Dansko has the just the right shoe for you. Dansko is very well known for making comfortable and reliable shoes. And just like their other products. The Dansko Men’s Wyatt Loafer is one heck of a shoe. The upper of the shoe is made of a very high-quality leather. This gives a very premium feel to the shoe. Despite looking so classy and normal, they are also very comfortable to wear as well. The soft lining on the shoe makes it easy to fit in. The insole of the shoe also helps to give you extra arch support. 

These shoes have an Oxfords style look so them. Which you wear for both formal and casual occasions. You wear them with dressy pants or with a pair of denim at the weekends. So they are also very versatile as well. The footbed of the shoe is removable. So you can be able to replace that as well according to your preferences. You are likely to get an excellent grip out of these shoes as the outsole is made from an exquisite rubber. Whereas the midsole has shock absorbing capabilities. And cushioning is critical for people who stand at work all day.

The problem with these shoes is that they are not very light and you won’t feel much comfortable when you wear them.


  • Well made.
  • Good looking shoe.
  • Gives great comfort on concrete surfaces.
  • Removable insole.


  • They take a bit of time to break in.


4. Clarks Women’s Haydn Maize Flat:

Clarks Women's Haydn Maize Flat

Clarks are very popular amongst most women. And that is because they probably make the best support shoes for standing all day for females. The build, quality, and comfort on most of their shoes are superb. And the Clarks Women’s Haydn Maize Flat is no exception.

The upper of this shoe is made from a full grain leather upper that looks classy. Design wise; these shoes are simple. There is a lightly padded collar, and the top strap allows you to adjust the fit and also adds a nice touch to the shoe. The fabric lining manages the moisture in your shoe and helps keep your feet cool and dry.

Overall, they are very comfortable and a good pair of high-quality shoes. However, the problem with this is that the color of the shoe will start fading away after a few uses.



  • Very comfortable.
  • Perfect for all day wear.
  • Girls can wear them with any outfit.
  • Quality made.


  • The color fades away.
  • The size runs a bit large.


5. ECCO Men’s Howell Mocc-Toe Oxford

ECCO Men's Howell Mocc-Toe Oxford

This is a midsole shoe that will be perfect for standing on hard surfaces all day. First of all, these shoes look great. They are classy and elegant. And that is mostly because of the Oxford design. If you are suffering from problems like pronation or flat feet. Then this shoe will be perfect for you. The sole is very thick and will be able to give you an excellent cushioning.
As you wear these shoes, you will notice how relaxed your feet get. These leather shoes have a lace-ups enclosure and an overall catchy design to meet your high standards. Made of quality nubuck leather material, these shoes are soft to the touch and durable at the same time. The interior and exterior are both anatomically accurate, and you should not be able to find any problems walking or standing in these shoes. This also has a removable insole that helps in absorbing shocks.

Overall, they are highly durable, supportive and comfortable and they will surely be worth it. But there are a few problems as well. First of all, they are not as good as the other models of the shoe. ECCO has some other great shoes in their range, and you may like to check them out.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The fit and feel of the shoe are perfect.
  • Made of matte leather.
  • Sturdy.
  • Well built.
  • Durable.


  • A bit pricey.



If you are someone who needs to stand all day at work, then you need to get a pair of the best support shoes for standing all day. There is absolutely no other way to put it. The shoes that we suggested are the best of the bunch, and you are very unlikely to go wrong with them.