Best Walking Shoes For Men With Wide Feet – Review

Don’t Feel Weird:

Men with wide or weird feet tend to think themselves as inferior and think that they can never find shoes that fit them well enough. Well, even though there aren’t many shoes today that are specially catered for men with wide feet. You will surely be able to get a look at quite a few. Finding the best walking shoes for men with wide feet is no hard task. You can find them in a jiffy. However, a bit of effort is required nonetheless.

Why Can’t I Find Shoes For Wide Feet?

Men with wide feet often complain that they don’t have much of a wide variety of shoes to choose from. And this is absolutely true. This is because most shoe manufacturers today concentrate more on the look of the shoe rather than the comfort and convenience. And this is where the majority of shoe brands end up making shoes that are insanely narrow in order to make the shoe look really good.

However, the issue here is that most people tend to take these shoes for granted, sacrificing comfort. Which leads to severe feet problems in the future. This is where the best walking shoes for men with wide feet come into play. The shoes that we will be talking about are not only comfortable, but you also do not have to worry about how they look. Because they are quite the looker.

The Right Footwear Matters:

The secrets to having a superbly comfortable walk down the roads are pretty simple, to be honest. All you need to do is invest in a pair of decent footwear. And that is pretty much it. Many would disagree that this is not really the case. But trust me it is. Wearing the right shoes is extremely crucial.

Keeping apart the problems of wearing the right footwear, another major problem is that most men are always reluctant and hesitant to spend a bit of extra money on shoes. Well, if you are going to buy the best walking shoes for men with wide feet then you would pretty sure want to invest a bit more than usual.

The size and the actual type of shoe that you wear will play a massive role as well. If you are wearing shoes without ample support, then your shoe will not be able to manage the extra width of your feet and may cause severe problems to your feet in the long run. Not just because of walking shoes, but any shoes in general. If you don’t wear the size that is for you. Then problems are just a matter of time.

Why Do I Have Wide Feet?

Recent studies and research show that a majority of men living in the United States Of America are suffering from wide feet. I say suffering because it isn’t something that you would inherit genetically. And even if you do, there a number of different ways of prevention as well. The very first being wearing the best walking shoes for men with wide feet. However, there are other ways as well. Which we will be going through hopefully.

So let’s come to the very simple question. Why do your feet grow wider over time? Well, the thing is, as you grow older, your whole body starts to flatten over time. And the feet are no exception. Your arch lengthens and your feet will eventually become longer over time. This natural elongation of feet may seem very normal but is surely dangerous.

Ways Of Prevention:

So as we were saying before, wearing a pair of the best walking shoes for men with wide feet is truly an excellent way of solving your problems of wide feet. However, along with wearing shoes, you should also consider other methods of prevention as well.

The mere idea of being able to stop the growth of your feet is pretty stupid. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other ways and you can’t do anything about it. There are still a number of different ways by which you can slow the process and prevent your feet from flattening.

  • Try to look for a pair of shoes with additional arch support. What this will do is help stop the flattening of your foot and delay down the spray that leads your feet to become wider. Always remember that the closer it is to your arch the more successful the results shall be.


  • However, we are not always wearing shoes or sneakers every day of the year. When it is summertime we tend to wear flip flops. So how do you prevent your foot from widening at that time? Well, there is nothing to worry because now there are also slippers and flip flops that come with arch support as well. So as long as you have arch support, it doesn’t really matter what type of shoes you are wearing.


  • Wearing insoles are also an excellent way of preventing the widening of your feet as they hug closely to your feet. However, make sure you wear orthopedic insoles.


  • Do not wear or buy shoes that tend to flex and jiggle around a lot. Shoes of this sorts provide too much support and can lead to flattening of the foot.


  • As we mentioned before, knowing the exact size of your feet is very important. Different brands tend to have different sizes for themselves. So keep that in mind.


  • Lastly, if none of these seem to be working for you then just try your best in losing a few pounds here and there. Getting your body trimmed down will not only reduce the width of your feet but will also make sure that your feet stay in shape and your arches do not end up collapsing.

The Best Walking Shoes For Men With Wide Feet:


1. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Optimum Control Run Running Shoe:

New Balance Men's M1540V2 Optimum Control Run Running Shoe

New Balance has always been one of the best brands to ever make a shoe that you could not only wear outdoors but for normal occasions as well. And this is what makes New Balance such a favorite amongst everyone. It is just so versatile.

However, the New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Optimum Control Run Running Shoe is a bit different from all the other shoes that you will find out there. But obviously in a good way that is. You can do possibly everything there is to do with these pair of shoes. However, the feature that makes them a bit special from other New Balance shoes is that they are extra wide. Probably the widest shoes New Balance makes. It is not just about the mere of the width of the shoe. But how it complements the whole thing is a work of excellence. 

The width of the shoe additionally works with the Symmetrical ROLLBAR technology provides good rear and midfoot support.

The upper is made from a very light mesh material. This not only makes the shoe very lightweight but also allows good breathability as well. In addition to the mesh the synthetic inline works together for improved stability and structure. There is no doubt that these shoes will provide extra support to your feet no matter how hard your activities might be.

The way these shoes fit and feel is also quite fascinating. And that is mainly because of the dual density collar that has double the material to give you a more close and traditional fit. Just like the mesh used on the upper, there is also mesh on the sides to provide support if you are someone who is suffering from bunions.

Overall, this is truly an excellent shoe. It is basically good for everything. Running, walking, standing for prolonged periods of time. You name it.


  • Lightweight.
  • Very well built.
  • Perfect for walking.
  • Super wide.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Provides a good fit.
  • Made to last long.


  • The durability may be an issue for some.




2. Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker:

Vionic Men's Orthaheel Technology Walker

It is very obvious that you may not have heard about the name of Vionic. And pretty rightly so. Because they aren’t very famous or big brands like Nike or Adidas. But they can surely make some of the best walking shoes for men with wide feet. 

The reason why Vionic is so good at it is that these are the types of shoes that they basically specialize in. And this is what gives them the upper hand.The Vionic with orthaheel is a pair of shoes that have it all. They are wide, support and most importantly extremely well cushioned.The Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker is truly an excellent pair of shoes. And we will make you see why it is such. 

First of all, these shoes have that wide width design. Which may seem very normal. But nonetheless, is great to have. The problem with most shoes on the market today that focus on comfort and support are not very comfortable. As they focus on the comfort more, rather than the looks. However, with the Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker this is absolutely not the case. These are a pair of excellent looking shoes and are desirable by many. Another great addition to this shoe is that it comes with a pair of extra orthotic insoles as well, which will help you to manage with the extra support. 



  • Specially made for people with wide feet.
  • Also works and ideal for people with bunions.
  • Does not take any time to break in.
  • Provides good arch support.
  • Perfect for walking.


  • The sizes run a bit small.




3. Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe:

Clarks Men's Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe

For a man, it is very crucial to have a pair of formal shoes that are superbly comfortable and can also be dressed up for the occasion when required. The Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe is one such shoe. Clarks are very well known for making some excellent formal shoes for both men and women. They make shoes that not only look classy but also comfortable as well. The Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe is no exception.

Along with it’s dashing and elegant design, there is no doubt that this is an excellent shoe overall.

The Ortholite footbed will make sure that you are getting ample cushioning and support for your feet. Most dress shoes for men that are out there are made from very hard leather, in order to make them extremely durable. However, with the Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe, this is definitely not the case. Instead of hard leather, the shoe is made from a soft and breathable leather that makes the shoe very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Overall, if you are someone with wide feet and you are looking for a pair of formal dress shoes that will also keep your feet comfortable, then this is the perfect way to go.



  • Has the perfect combination of class and comfort together.
  • Cushioning is top notch.
  • Very well made.
  • The leather is of very high quality.
  • The insole is very well padded.
  • Looks classy.


  • Not very durable for rough use.



4. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe:

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

This shoe may not be as formal or dressy looking as the Clark’s but this one is a great casual shoe. Every man needs a pair of casual shoes to wear on weekend nights with friends or during a date night. Whatever the occasion might be, there is no doubt that having a pair of casual shoes that are comfortable are a must. And this shoe is there just to do that.

The Rockport World Tour is a pair of formal shoes for men that not only look good but serves the purpose pretty well. Perfect for people with wide feet, they will surely offer extreme comfort during walks over long distances. Not only that, they are also very flexible and will give you quite a lot of stability while walking. There is something that Rockport calls Strobel technology. What this does is provides forefoot flexibility, that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. In addition, the shoes also have a latex foam footbed and a breathable mesh lining as well.


  • A perfect casual shoe for men.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Great appearance.
  • Solid fit.
  • Solid durability.
  • Innovative insole design.



  • The different country variants tend to differ in size.