Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Walkers – Top Picks

So now let’s be honest. You are overweight. Which in simple terms means that the weight that you have right now is not ideal according to your body. If you are reading this then we are going to assume that you are someone who is overweight and you are looking forward to walking to cut down weight. Well, it’s a great start. However, before you go on to start walking on a daily basis you need to make sure that you are wearing the best walking shoes for overweight walkers.

Even though walking may not be the best form of cardio but if you are someone who is overweight and you are just starting out then walking is more than better. As walking won’t stress out your body and you will be able to cut off fat as well.

Why Are They Important?

Now comes the biggest question of them all. Why do you need a pair of walking shoes? Wouldn’t normal shoes do fine? Well if you would like to put it that way then any shoe that you can walk in will do fine. However, you have to realize that you won’t be wearing these shoes just for a day or something. As you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle by walking you will need to follow that on a regular basis. Which is why getting a pair of the best walking shoes for overweight walkers is crucial.In addition, most walking shoes that are available on the market are made very differently in comparison to most of the other shoes.Another simple thing that you have to realize is that you won’t really be able to walk properly if you do not get the right type of walking shoes.


Rare To Find:

As we mentioned before, walking shoes are very different and as a result, they are also pretty hard to find as well. The ones that will be the most comfortable may not look the part. And the ones that do look the part may not be very comfortable. Do keep in mind that both of these factors are extremely important. Which is why we at Golden Hobbyist teamed up to bring you walking shoes that are not only comfortable but very appealing and aesthetic as well.


Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Walkers:

  • Adidas Men’s Pureboost:1.Adidas Men’s Pureboost.
  • Propet Stability Walker.
  • Brooks Addiction Walker.


1.Adidas Men’s Pureboost:1.Adidas Men’s Pureboost:

adidas Men's Pureboost

Many people may not be that familiar with the name but the Adidas Men’s Pureboost is a shoe that has been there for quite some time.However, it never really got the attention that it deserved. Mostly because the previous model was not that good to start with. While most of the brands out there are trying their best to make shoes with crazy and freaky designs, Adidas has played it like they have been for years. And that is minimal and subtle.
Coming to the design some may say that it resembles a lot of the Adidas Ultra Boost or the NMDS. But once you look closely and actually see the shoe upfront you will realize that it is designed very differently. To be honest the design looks like a mix of Yeezy and an Ultra Boost. Which is obviously not a bad thing.

Most of the sneakers that come out from Adidas sports the Flyknit upper. This shoe is no exception. Even though there have been complaints such as it is not very durable or comfortable. But nonetheless, we still think that the Flyknit is one of the best uppers out there. Making the Adidas Men’s Pureboost extremely comfortable.However, a unique aspect of this upper is that they used circle knit which if you want to put into perspective is pretty similar to Nike’s Primeknit.The difference being the upper on the Adidas Men’s Pureboost is a bit stiffer.
Despite having a soft upper the shoe isn’t very stretchy unlike most of the Adidas Boost models.Despite that, it is still very breathable nonetheless. A weird but very unique thing about the Adidas Men’s Pureboost is the burrito style tongue. It is a huge double layered tongue that folds back on itself and it really does help a lot in giving you a more customizable fit. Despite being very comfortable and all, the one department where this shoe lacks the most is in cushioning.However, it is just one out of the many good things about it. If you are looking to buy a pair. We would surely urge you to get one immediately.


  • Soft and breathable upper.
  • The sidewalls connect well to give you a pretty good fit.
  • The midsole provides decent cushioning.
  • The outsole provides good grip and control.
  • Worth the price.


  • Cushioning is not up to the mark.


2.Propet Stability Walker:

Propet Stability Walker


This shoe may not be a very famous brand, but it is still considered as one of the best walking shoes for overweight walkers. And the reason the name of the brand Propet hasn’t been very heard of is that they have been catering to a very different audience. Now, by looking at the shoes at first glance you will instantly say that these shoes are for old people. And to some extent they are. However, that does not mean young men can’t wear them. They surely can.
When you are looking for a pair of the best walking shoes for overweight walkers you would want your shoes to fully absorb the whole weight of your body without any hassle. This is where the Propet Stability Walker will help you the most. Because it was mainly designed for it. You may not like its aesthetics but you will need to realize that it is designed like this to make it fully functional.  The upper despite being very tough and sturdy, the inside of the shoe tells a completely different story. The midsole is extremely cushiony and is very responsive as well.However, if you feel that it isn’t suiting your needs then you can easily replace the insole as it is removable.


  • Very well made.
  • Leather upper.
  • Perfect for walking in all conditions.
  • Your feet will stay locked in.


  •  The brand isn’t very well known.



3. Brooks Addiction Walker:

Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks has been making some excellent shoes for walking and standing purposes. And as it turns out they are pretty good at it as well. With the Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes being one of their best sellers. It would have been a pity not to talk about them in this article of the best walking shoes for overweight walkers. So let’s get in.
The Brooks Addiction Walker is mainly a unique combination of a running shoe and a normal pair of sneakers. Even though it may not look like one, but the fit of this is pretty similar to that of a running shoe. However, the highlight of this shoe is undoubtedly the midsole. Thanks to the midsole you will feel as if you are actually walking on a cloud. Coming to the exterior part of the shoe the upper is made from a full grain leather. However, it isn’t like most leather uppers out on the market. It is of very high quality and is very durable. The outsole of the shoe is slip resistant. So it will make sure that you do not fall or trip over while walking.


  • Sturdy and very well built for everyday wear.
  • Specially made for overweight people.
  • Very well made.
  • Chiropractor recommended.
  • Lightweight.
  • Value for money.


  • The design is not very appealing.



Most people who are overweight tend to stay very depressed about their health. Well, you can be the one to change it. Gaining a few kgs is not the end of the world. And you can easily get loose of the fat just by going for walks and jogs. Make a training program and just get started. You will be glad to see the progress. Many people are often unaware of the health benefits that walking has. Some research suggested that walking and jogging reduces stress by an enormous amount. And stress and depression are what mainly causes you to get more fat.
However, before you go on to start training make sure to invest in the best walking shoes especially if you are overweight walkers. And you will be pleased when you start wearing them.