Buying A Basketball Shoe For Wide Feet

If you are someone with wide feet, you will very likely know that choosing the perfect footwear can turn out to be a big hassle for you. It can be hard and challenging to find a pair of shoes that will give you the most comfort. Especially when you are looking to buy sports shoes. However, luckily there are some different brands that are now making one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. So you don’t need to worry much about these things. However, there are some things that you may find helpful when you are looking to invest your hard earned money on a pair of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.
If you are someone on the lookout for the best basketball shoes for wide feet, then this article will give you valuable insights that will help you in making the right decisions.

Many people often think that buying shoes for wide feet can be very troublesome. Well, it isn’t actually. And you will realize that once you get to the end of reading this.

Why Do You Have Wide Feet?

This may seem dumb. But most people often ask themselves that why do they have wide feet? Even though most of the reasons are genetical. There are quite a few other factors as well. The first thing that you may need to know is wide feet, and one of such is age. As you grow older, it is possible that your shoe remains the same size as before, but it may no longer fit basically because it becomes wider.

The first thing that you need to know is that your feet will be getting more extensive with age.

However, the most common reason why your feet are wide is that of the number of different medical conditions that leads to physical changes. If not taken care of properly then those circumstances may turn out to be very severe. For example, wide feet is often caused because of bunions. Now, what is a bunion? Well, a bunion is when one of the bones in your foot turns outwards causing your foot to expand and become wider.

If you are a bit heavier than the average weight or if you are overweight then this will probably be another reason why you have a wider foot. Keep in mind that as your weight increases, all parts of the body tend to grow bigger, including your foot.

Things To Consider:

1. Material:

If you are looking to buy a pair of the best basketball shoes for wide feet, then keep in mind that finding the right material is very crucial.

The reason why it is so vital is that it will very much determine the overall quality of the footwear. Also how much comfort the shoe can provide is also crucial. Basketball shoes today are made from a combination of different materials.

Materials such as canvas, synthetic and leather are the popular choices. However, no matter which material you chose. Keep in mind that mesh should be present. And that is because mesh will help in providing proper air circulation to keep the feet dry and well ventilated.

2. Support

Support is also a critical thing that you will need to consider is the support. If you have wide feet, it is also important to look for basketball shoes that will be able to provide excellent support. Having cushioning will be vital for your highest level of comfort. Make sure that the support will also help to keep you stable.

3. Outsole

This may not seem that big of an issue, but the outsole of your shoe is crucial. When you are playing basketball, you will be doing a lot of running. Which is why it is very crucial to have a sole that will help you to enjoy excellent traction in some different surfaces. The outsole of your shoe must also be durable enough to withstand many years of use.