Can Socks Make A Difference?

For most of us, a pair of socks is a pair of socks. Right? Well, not anymore. If you had told me this a couple of years ago, then I would have agreed. But now this is completely not the case. The basketball socks that are made today have certain attributes of technology that can improve athletic performance and give you a better edge on the court.

Take Nike’s Elite basketball socks for example. This pair of socks will specify which foot each sock is made for. It’s like a basketball shoe. And I can bet soccer socks won’t give you that. The best basketball socks have evolved a lot in the course of time. A lot of socks today now have cushioned zones for each foot to provide support and flexibility. Even though it may sound very strange to think that your right sock doesn’t work with your left foot, huh? I know it is. But you can surely tell the difference.
If you think these features were enough for a pair of socks, then you need to stop. Because we aren’t talking about just any pair of socks. We are in fact talking about the best basketball socks. A feature that you will be very surprised to hear is that these socks also have extra padding on them. And the padding is within the sock’s design. There is also cushioning where most basketball players tend to cut and slide their foot. The extra padding on the ankle ensures that this doesn’t happen. The ribbing across the mid-foot gives for a larger range of motion. So using it, you can realize that this sock sounds like more of a shoe. Well, it is.

But however, there are very few people who tend to choose their socks solely based on its performance. For many people, a pair of socks should always look good. Particularly with the shoe, you are wearing. And that is the main point.

See it in this way. Suppose you are wearing a pair of really nice LeBrons with some white socks. That wouldn’t look pretty good. Will it? They will just take away the beauty and the fact how beautiful Jordans are. Wearing a pair of the best basketball socks that are colorful and flashy will make your shoe pop.

Working Close:

Another reason why socks today are so good is that companies put very extra attention to them. They are made by taking suggestions from professional athletes to how to improve them and make them better.

Nike’s senior designer Amy Frazer said in an interview that Nike had worked very closely with athletes in making the Nike Elite Socks. She also added “I think it’s most effective when you can enhance their performance experience with the products Nike develops. We talk to athletes at every level, whether they’re elite players, college players, middle or high school players or a local team who plays pick-up games.”

And this is not just a marketing tactic. Big names such Adidas and Under Armour also have their specialized basketball socks, and they have been very well received by both professional players and ordinary people as well.

However, in the midst of all these things. There is one very crucial thing that often gets ignored when talking about sporting goods. And that is the price. Before you go on to say anything about it. Let me just break it up to you. Yes. They are a bit expensive. But that is entirely fine. They will be worth every penny that you spend. And that is because they are the best basketball socks in the market.