Can You Use Mountain Bikes on the Road?

People who are bike enthusiasts often find themselves with this question in their minds. Can you use a mountain bike on the road? Well, if you are a mountain biker and you are thinking of taking a tour using your mountain bike, then you will be pleased to know that it’s possible.

What makes mountain bikes good road touring bikes? For a start they have an upright sitting position, they have wide tires and the fenders give ample clearance of the wheels. Mountain bikes also come with a long chain stay. This helps keep the heels away from the panners at the rear. Also, you can check best hybrid bike guide and recommendation.

What to Consider


Mountain bikes present riders on the road with a few challenges, however. First, the tires are meant for off-road riding and are thick. Do not let this get in your way through as you can easily change them to smoother and sleeker ones.


How about that luggage and the brakes? A good option would be to change from disc brakes to racks. Some people find this activity quite strenuous but in my opinion is necessary. If, however you prefer to leave the disc brakes intact, you can always carry your luggage with the help of a trailer.

The Wheels

The most common wheel size for mountain bikes are 26 inches. These come with a wide rim that offers greater stability when navigating the mountainsides and hills. Don’t entertain the thought that they might slow you down on the road. With the right tires you are basically good to go.


Mountain bikes usually have both front and back suspensions that allow for a more comfortable handling of the bumps, rough roads, and ditches. However, when riding on the smooth road, you are not going to need such suspension. You can make your riding a bit more rigid by employing steel suspension forks. These can easily be sourced from your local bike store.

The Handles

The great thing about mountain bikes is that they give you the option of both the straight handles anddrop handles. For a smoother ride, you can make use of the straight handles. They also give more stability.

Let’s recap on a few features of a mountain bike.


  • They offer thick stable wheels at 26 inches
  • They can take a lot of punishment as they are designed to handle rough terrain
  • You get more control with mountain bikes
  • They are comfortable to ride
  • Their basic design allows you to get good traction when making a climb

A few drawbacks include:

  • They have a heavy frame which means you might have to apply extra effort in a climb
  • They are slower compared to road bikes
  • When rolling down, the thick and small 26 inch wheels create more resistance

Mountain bikes will not just give you a good tour but they come with plenty of health benefits to your body as well. Yes, indeed you will be killing two birds with a single stone. You get to enjoy the tour and your body gets healthier from it. I mean what more could you possibly ask.

Did you know that you are at less risk of coronary heart disease from riding your bike?A study done by the British Medical showed that you lessen the chance of this disease by a whopping 50%. You will come out in a better mood and is an excellent way to fight stress.


A good mountain bike will allow you to enjoy a good road tour. You might have to make a few adjustments but these are manageable and quite inexpensive. Just follow the tips we have laid for you above and you should be able to have a great time on the road.