Change In The Uniform

If you are a crazy NBA fan and spend a lot of time watching it and analyzing it. Then you will be very familiar with the legendary NBA socks. Growing up every kid’s dream was to own a pair of them. These socks were so legendary that some NBA players said that the little NBA logo socks made them feel special as an athlete.

However, for people who loved these socks. There was some bad news. And that was because most teams were not allowing players to use these socks. And that was mainly because they were not the best basketball socks that they made. And another reason behind teams not using them was because of the effect that cotton can have on their feet in high-intensity workouts. So overall it was a bit of a bummer to see all this.

However, in April 2015, the league announced an on-court deal with Stance, who had previously released limited runs of the popular Hardwood Classics socks featuring retired NBA players. Not only will Stance produce the socks that players wear on the court, but they will be available to buy in stores as well. The competitive basketball sock business hence led to a new sponsorship deal for the NBA. And the league announced that Stance will be its official sock and that all players will wear the company’s product.

However, because the league acknowledges the sock as an accessory and not as a part of the uniform. Despite the fact that players are required to wear them. However, like Spalding has, it’s logo on the basketball. Stance was granted permission by the NBA to have it;s logo on the socks.

And Clarke Miyasaki. The executive vice president of business development of Stance was very humble about this new relationship with NBA. In an interview, he quoted that “We’re just this little sock company that’s the first brand to have its logo on every player on the NBA court, I hope this gives us a big advantage at retail. All we do is socks, and we’re committed to making the best for the best players in the world.”

For many years the socks made by FBF Originals was worn in the league, and it was undoubtedly one of the best basketball socks. However, the Stance models feature more innovative designs both visually and mechanically. They are made to give players more than before. While still keeping the old school structure and materials.