Cheap Baitcast Rod And Reel Combos – Top 3

Many people and individuals who aren’t very familiar with fishing will tell you that fishing is an activity that doesn’t require much gear, equipment or even a lack of skill won’t also be a problem. Well, that is wrong. Fishing is a sport that requires immense concentration and you will also require quite a lot of gear for doing it and being good at fishing. However, the problem with most fishing gear and equipment out there today is that they tend to be extremely expensive. Some would say overpriced, but I don’t agree with that.

Because the components and materials they are made up of quite justify their premium price for a premium product. However, not everyone is able to afford these gears and you don’t really need to buy them anyways. Unless you are a professional. On the other hand, buying fishing gear on a budget is also quite a hard job. This is why we at Golden Hobbyist keeping all of you budget people in mind decided to write this review of the best cheap baitcast rod and reel combos. We felt that for all the young anglers out there this was a necessity and it was about time we updated you on this topic.


I very well know what most of you readers will now be thinking. The products mentioned must be of very low quality. That is definitely not the case. Everything that you buy with a high price tag is not sure to be excellent in quality. We can assure you that the products you will be getting to know here are the best of the bunch.

The Different Variants:

Nonetheless, coming to the construction of these types of rods. Baitcasting rods are usually made from many different materials. However, the most common ones include fiberglass and graphite. Even though both these components have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. A lot will actually depend on what type of angler you really are.

For example, if you are a beginner and have only started doing fishing, then go for fiberglass rods. And that is because they are extremely durable. These rods are strong and have the ability to fight any type of fish out there. They are also extremely lightweight as well. Making them easy to carry and also flexible.

On the other hand, rod and reels combos for bait cast can also be found in graphite versions as well. Rod combos that are made of graphite are very strong. But also extremely lightweight and versatile as well. The reason why these types of rods stand out the most among the crowd is mostly that of its sheer versatility. They can be used anytime, anywhere no matter what the situation might be. And this is the main reason why most anglers and professionals who have been fishing for many years often prefer these types of rods.

Apart from that, there is also another major reason why most experienced anglers tend to prefer graphite rods. And that is because they are able to feel the vibrations. Like for example, when a fish is close to the bait, it sends vibrations. Eventually increasing your chances of a catch. However, the problem with graphite rods is that they are very likely to break and crack in comparison to those made of fiberglass.

Things To Know Before Buying:

Before you go on to spend your hard earned money on a cheap baitcasting reel combos you will need to know a bit about how they are designed and function. Otherwise, you will be lost and dumbfounded.

Most reel combos usually come with a design that is either open or closed face. It may seem very complicated. But it isn’t. Trust me. Closed face variants take the line back to the reel exactly in an even proportion. So that you can instantly bait your cast.

If you are the sort of angler who usually goes for larger fish then you would want a reel with an open face. It will help you better. This makes the reel go back quickly so that you never have to worry about missing out on a potential catch.

We would also recommend you to go for the open face models.

Now that we have talked enough about the things you need to know. Let’s have a look at some of the combos that will make your fishing experience even greater.


Cheap Baitcast Rod And Reel Combos:

  • Shakespeare E-Z Cast Baitcast Combo.
  • Abu Garcia Black Max Combo.




Lew’s are a company very well known for not only making excellently cheap baitcast rod and reel combos, but they are also famous because a portion of each purchase goes towards serving American war veterans who have fought so bravely for our great nation.

And keeping that aside. They make some excellent rods for fishing. Which also seems to be very affordable as well. And you can very easily see why we chose this to be the on the top. One thing that you notice straight away when you pick it up for the first time is its weight. Because it is made from graphite, the construction of the rod is very lightweight. But despite being so lightweight it can easily reel in a bass that is almost 7 pounds heavy. The rod itself is 6 foot and is lightweight, durable and strong as I mentioned. The way these rods are built is the work of a pure genius.

As the guides are made of stainless steel it is resistant to dust and corrosion. So you can relax about that. This rust resistance feature also ensures that the line flows smoothly on your casts. If you are someone who is very concerned about the grip of your rods, then you should definitely purchase this. And that is because it has an EVA handle that not only looks good but will also help a great deal while you are wrestling with your catch.

In conclusion, this may be one of those cheap baitcast rod and reel combos. But the reliability that this thing provides is close to none. The steel ball bearings along with the baitcasting reels, plastic gears work together in a beautiful symphony to provide you a smooth and reliable performance.


  • You will be able to use it for both saltwater fishing and bass.
  • Dependable and reliable rod will make sure that you don’t catch even a single catch.
  • Quite reel gear that makes absolutely no sound at all.
  • Provides insane value for money.
  • Feels comfortable in your hands.
  • Works very smoothly without a hassle.


  • The design looks a bit too bland.




2. Shakespeare E-Z Cast Baitcast Combo:


Shakespeare E-Z Cast Baitcast Combo


Don’t be fooled by the name. This isn’t an overrated British writer. Rather it is one of the best cheap baitcast rod and reel combos that you can currently buy right now. The reason why this rod is so different from others is that both the reel and the rod have been made from graphite. Making the setup lightweight, comfortable and also easy to use. The use of graphite in both places will also ensure durability as well. So that is a plus point.

This particular combo comes with a test line that is ten pounds. This is a huge bonus as you can start fishing for bass and other types of fish straight away out from the box. The main reason why experts have complimented its portability is that it can be broken down into two pieces so that you can carry it easily. You will also be able to catch a wide variety of fish with it. That won’t be an issue.

Just like the LEW’S AMERICAN HERO this model is also rust and corrosion resistant. Thanks to the stainless steel guides. However, this does not come with an EVA handle. Rather it has a handle that is made of aluminum. We personally like it a lot. And that is because it doesn’t slip so easily out of your hands. Even though the EVA handle on the LEW’S AMERICAN HERO is much more preferred.Overall, this is an excellent product and you are very unlikely to go wrong with it.


  • As it is extremely easy to carry it makes it the perfect thing for long road trips and fishing adventures.
  • Both the reel and the rod being made of graphite is a huge advantage. Mainly as it makes the whole thing lightweight.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Very well built.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Robustly durable.
  • Perfect combo for beginners.


  • There have been complaints that the whole is not responsive or sensitive enough.


Shakespeare E-Z Cast Baitcast Combo


3. Abu Garcia Black Max Combo:

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

If you are looking for baitcast rod and reel combo that will be able to do everything despite the price. Then you should definitely consider buying this one. This has all that you will ever need a package of rod and reels. This is mostly made targeting young and novice anglers. So if you are someone with quite a good experience then you will also be able to use it freely nonetheless.

The usability and functionality of this machine are what really makes it stand apart from everything. You will be able to use it without feeling a single strain on your hands. It also functions extremely smooth as well. Thanks to the ball bearings made from stainless steel. Despite having bearings made from steel, it is still very lightweight. And that is mainly because of the other lightweight materials that have been used throughout the machine. Such as the spool that is made from aluminum which not only makes the whole combo lightweight but also very durable and reliable as well.

One thing that you can surely rely on is its performance. And this level of excellent sheer performance is ensured by a power disk drag system. It is nothing complicated. The brass gear provides extra durability and lifespan, so you can rest assured that you are making a good investment. In addition, the Magtrax brake system really works well in motion to the brake pressure adding to the overall performance.


  • Perfect choice for beginners and novice anglers.
  • Functions smoothly and offers excellent operation.
  • The aluminum spool keeps the overall weight to a minimum.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Looks good.
  • The brake system that allows you to apply brake pressure is something that often comes handy.


  • The handle is not that comfortable.




Fishing Is An Art:

Someone once said that many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it’s not the fish they are after. Fishing has always been and will always be a hobby that has been cherished my men all over the world. You can say that it resembles chivalry in a way. However, this art of fishing as we know it is dying very quickly. So I urge you to do your best and help revive this hobby back to people’s hearts.

However, if you are someone who has been associated with fishing for quite a long time then make sure you have the right equipment and gear to make your experiences even better. And what better way to do this than buying cheap baitcast rod and reel combos. No matter what type of angler you might be. Having one of these combos in your fishing gear basket always helps. Fishing gear is extremely crucial. And not having the right things makes it worse. Some great man once said that “My biggest worry is that my wife will try to sell my fishing gear when I am dead for what I said I paid for it.

Expensive Is Not Always The Answer:

At the end of the day no matter which one you go for. Always keep one thing in mind. And that is expensive fishing gear won’t necessarily mean that it is good. You can invest very low and also get excellent rewards in the form of gears.