Best Cushioned Insoles For Running Shoes

Run With Comfort:

Running is probably one of the easiest fitness activities you could possibly do. And that is mainly because it is so easy and convenient. All you need is a road, a pair of running shoes and if needed get cushioned insoles for running shoes. Now, most of you will wonder why you should buy extra insoles when you can just use the ones that come with the shoe?

Well, the answer is very simple. And that is as you all know running is a very intense sport. Even the slightest fall can cause the most severe of injuries. And not only that. Running also puts lots of stress and strain on the legs and feet. If you’re not careful, you could end up seriously injured. This is where cushioned insoles for running come into play. If you are willing to go on long runs without feeling any type of discomfort on your feet then you should definitely consider getting one of these.

The Importance Of Cushioned Insoles For Running Shoes:

Till now, I guess you have got a pretty good idea about what insoles are and how they work. Now putting it into perspective, there are reasons why insoles are mainly so important especially for running shoes. Insoles for running shoes that are made today are made with state of the art technology to enhance your comfort on runs. It would be hard to believe for you, but there are different types of insoles targeted towards different categories. For example, some insoles concentrate on giving you comfort. Whereas others specialize in cushioning specific areas like your arch or under your heels. So there is a wide variety as well.

Different Variants:

The type of insole you would want to go for will really depend a lot on what you are actually looking for your running shoes. Let’s say you want a better-structured fit and feeling in your running shoe. So what type of insole do you get?

In this scenario and case, you would like to get structured insoles. These types of insoles are designed to stabilize the foot and reduce the movement of the arch. They also have a heel cup, that helps in keeping the heel and the heel bone in line with the ankle and lower leg muscles. These types of insoles will also help if you are suffering from flexible arches as well. So you can already get an idea that structured insoles are there for giving you a good and structured fit.

On the other hand, the most important one and the one we will be mainly be talking about today are cushioned insoles. Now, these insoles only have one single motive. And that is to give you the best comfort possible. These insoles use gel or foam to provide the required cushioning. Insoles like this tend to be a little springy or bouncy. As you would expect because of the increased use of foam. However, an insole that features gel cushioning will have a pretty plush effect to it.

The Other Ones:

Even though we will be talking about cushioned insoles for running shoes. Just to help you and make you more aware we wanted to talk about another type of insole that serves a different purpose. And those are insoles for targeted cushioning for your heels or forefoot. The thing about most insoles is that they tend to cover up all your feet as they are full length. This can be very irritating and unnecessary sometimes. So if you don’t like these insoles. And want to go for something that offers more cushioning in the heel and forefoot area then definitely consider getting these. These types of insoles are especially ideal when you are looking for specific cushioning in your forefoot area. These pads offer gel cushioning for a plush feel and are designed to be placed under the sock liner of your shoe for maximum comfort.

The Ideal Insoles:

Even though there are many different types of insoles out there, cushioned insoles are the top priority when it comes to using them on running shoes.

And that is because while you are going on runs in your running shoes you will be absorbing a lot of shocks. And if this shock isn’t treated well, then it may cause extreme injuries. This is where cushioned insoles for running shoes come into play. As they are designed specifically to reduce shock. Cushioned insoles are lightweight, flexible, easy to use and most importantly made of materials that are very durable and won’t break off after you have run a few miles.

Unwanted Attention:

As much as useful they might have been, insoles have had their fair share of controversies. They may be very useful, helpful and all. But in the long run, these insoles will not solve your problems if you have suffered from plantar fasciitis, over-pronation and all those other sorts of feet problems. You need to go to a doctor for that.

Recent research also shows that you shouldn’t also wear these insoles unnecessarily because it reduces the range of motion of your feet, they allow some of the small muscles of the foot and ankle to get lazy. This may cause extreme problems in the future. However, in addition to cushioned insoles, there are also other insoles specifically made for curing plantar fasciitis and over-pronation. Check them out too.

Best Cushioned Insoles For Running Shoes:


1. Superfeet Orange Premium Insole:

Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

It is very weird how the first cushioned insole on the list and probably the best one out there comes in a very weird orange color. However, don’t go by it looks. Because it serves the purpose more than you would ever want.

And that is because it was designed for high impact activities like running, cycling, cross training etc. This was made in keeping in mind all those people who suffer from pain while running for extended periods of time. We at Golden Hobbyist always encourage and inspire fitness. Which is why we don’t want your running to stop no matter what. These insoles have a foam layer all over. Not only making it immensely responsive but also you would be able to absorb a lot of shock and impact.

However, the foam used on this is no ordinary foam. The full-length foam has a closed cell which also keeps your foot very comfortable. If you think that it’s all, then you have surely mistaken. There is more to it. You will be surprised to hear that it also has a stabilizer cap for the base. So that you get an excellent fit and your foot is fully supported without sacrificing the structure and strength of the foam layer.

Overall, this is an excellent pair of insoles. Even though the color may not be that appealing to much. It still is quite good. The beautiful way of how it is designed starting from the deep narrow heel cup to the overall base. All of it will ensure that you get an excellent fit.


  • The excellent and high-quality foam used.
  • Very responsive.
  • Absorbs shock quite well.
  • Has a stabilizer cap.
  • Made from high quality and environmental free materials.


  • The heel cap may seem a bit too unnecessary to some customers.
  • Not a very good color.



2. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Shoe Insole:

Sof Sole Airr Full Length Performance Gel Shoe Insole for Men and Women

A bit of pain should never stop you from doing what you love the most. That is taking care of your health by going on running. However, sometimes age gets the best of us and we are forced to stay home because our feet cannot take the massive pain that we absorb while running. If you are someone suffering from similar conditions, then get cushioned insoles for running shoes. And if you are looking for one then we would suggest you try the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Shoe Insole.

The reason why we like this one so much is mainly that of its design. It is specially designed for people with low arches and flat feet. However, don’t panic out if you don’t have flat feet or low arches. And that is because individuals of other feet types can enjoy this too. We are pretty sure that after using this you are very unlikely to suffer from pain while running.

These insoles use what Skydex calls air bubbles. What this does is that enhances the heel and arch of these insoles so that shock absorption is much better. Wearing these insoles will not make your feet sweat. Unlike some other insoles on the market. And that is because a type of special fabric is included that mixes with the top cover to absorb sweat and keep your feet cool and dry. No matter how hard you train and run. It is also very easy to wash as well. A problem with most insoles out there is that they tend to take a bit of time to break in before you can use them comfortably. However, these are completely different. You will be able to feel their comfort straight away from the box.


  • Has a nylon plate.
  • Very good shock absorption.
  • Absorbs moisture and keeps your feet warm and dry.
  • Looks insanely good and will go with any type of shoe.


  • The thickness may be way too much for some consumers.
  • Does not provide enough arch support.



3. New Balance Ultra Support Insole:

New Balance Insoles IUSA3810 Supportive Cushioning Insole

Everyone is very familiar with the brand New Balance. And why wouldn’t they be? New Balance is and has always been one of the best shoe manufacturers in the world. However, no one expected them to turn up and make cushioned insoles for running shoes. However, they did. And turns out that they seem to be very good at it. These insoles are a true example of how far New Balance can stretch themselves.

These insoles focus more on giving you the support that you need for running. As a matter of fact, no matter what activity you do, regardless of your feet or arch type. These insoles will surely help you on any given occasion. You can also use these insoles on a day to day daily basis as well. And that is mainly because of the cushioning.

The Big Name:

As a big brand, New Balance knew that no matter what they make, they have to keep sure that it’s worth the hype. Which is why you will see that New Balance has designed this very carefully and cleverly to keep it efficient. To provide the best arch support the insole has been placed with divided cushions for the heel and forefoot separately. This was done to make sure to prevent your feet from the arch or other feet problems. Also, the contours of the metatarsal pad are primarily designed to relieve plantar fasciitis.

Insoles made by New Balance is a huge deal. And likely, you would expect them to perform more than normal in absorbing shock. And that they do pretty well. The reason why absorption is so good is that of the special integrated cushioning. This ensures that your feet stay cool and dry. In addition to all this, another aspect that is worth mentioning is the Anti-Blister Top Fabric Cover. Running for prolong periods of time is likely to have a negative effect on your feet. You may even get blisters. And this is there to prevent it.

A Bit Different:

One thing that is not very common in cushioned insoles for running shoes is that they don’t tend to last much longer. However, durability is no issue at all for the New Balance Insoles IUSA3810 Supportive Cushioning Insole. Compared to the other insoles in the market this will surely last you a lifetime.


  • Is very flexible and easy to use.
  • Comfortable.
  • Has a deep heel cup.
  • Anti-blister characteristics.
  • Metatarsal Pad.
  • Abzorb Cushioning.
  • Has immense grip and feels good to walk in.


  • The price is relatively a bit high.
  • People with high arches may not feel so comfortable.