Dark And Knitted

There is absolutely no doubt that soccer cleats over the time have taken a very rapid change and now they are entirely different from the ones we saw four or five years ago. Starting with Nike introducing the Superfly series where they made their boots with high collars. So that they will be able to give ankle support when you are on the field. Even though it did raise a few eyebrows at first. There was no doubt that it was one of the best football boots that Nike had ever made till date. Speaking of raising eyebrows. The other giant in the market, Adidas was very quick to respond. And hence the new Adidas Ace 16 was born. And man was it a looker. With a bright green volt, basic colorway it was a treat to watch.

However, the main thing about the shoe that made the headlines was its design. It didn’t have any laces. Now if you think the Superfly had critics. The Ace had much more. Many complained that without the laces the shoe wouldn’t fit right. Despite all these, the shoe turned out to be a great success, and Adidas continued releasing more colorways.

However, out of all, it’s colorways there was this one particular variant that pumped us the football enthusiasts at Golden Hobbyist. And that was the ADIDAS ACE 16.1 PRIMEKNIT “DARK SPACE.” This shoe looked as if it had come from space. It did. We were, so jaw dropped when we saw this that for a moment we went back to our childhood and acted like 9-year-olds.

Now coming to the boots itself they are a gem. As you can guess from the name, it is made of Adidas signature primeknit. And the reason why Nike and Adidas are often using knitted material on their shoes is that they make the shoe lighter and allow the player to take full control of the game. And that is also the reason why star playmakers like Mesut Ozil, James Rodriguez, and Ivan Rakitic play wearing them.

However, when you look at this shoe, you won’t be wanting to talk about the specs. You will be so amazed by the looks that you will drool over it.

It is blacker than the ace of spades. As I would like to say it. I think the ACE 16.1 was sent spinning into e dark space orbit and then bought back to earth.

There are an absolute class and panache of turning up at your local field in a pair of crisp black, minimal shoes. And not the bright and flashy ones that you often see young people get so crazy about. So if you are someone who is a bit of a matured and grown individual, then this colorway of the ACE 16 is tailor made for you.

Even though tech-wise the boots remain unchanged, featuring the same elements as previous colourways, it is the looks that count here. A primeknit texture is weaved across the complete upper of the boot. And this is the first time that this technology has been applied to 360 degrees of a boot in such a way that while a knit support system creeps up to the ankle collar to grab that streamlined edge. An application of Adidas’ Non-Stop Grip (NSG) technology is also applied to the upper to bring the control the silo is built for. Set for Stealth, the “Dark Space” is total off-radar style.

I love this particular colorway. It has a very dark Vader look to it. It looks very stealthy and mean. And I think we all can agree that it is one of the most good looking boot out of all the best soccer cleats that we have owned and tested. This clearly beats them by a mile regarding looks. Even though other ace models look good. It is no match for this one.