Finding A Basketball Shoe For Wide Feet

If you are someone wide footed, you are pretty familiar with the problems that come with having wide feet. And it also adds up if you play sports. Especially basketball. Trying to find a comfortable and proper fitting shoe for wide feet can be quite of a hassle. You will feel like a giant in a small world. Like the book Gulliver’s Travels. And if finding the right basketball shoe was confusing for you then you should know that that is not all. The issues of finding shoes with proper arch support also come, into play. Arch support is very helpful in correcting some of the problems brought by having broad and flat feet.

Modern Shoes:

The shoes that are made nowadays are superb. And there is absolutely no doubt about it. They are more light and comfortable. Since they are made of synthetic and is very narrow. However, in the course of making shoes perform better on the court, the producers have made them increasingly difficult for wide footers to wear. So one advice that we can give you is always to avoid synthetic materials and go for shoes that have uppers made of leathers or suede. And that is because leather and suede will be able to stretch after a break-in period. But if you are someone who doesn’t wear a shoe for a long time and like to shift to monthly releases. Then this should not come off much help.

However, you don’t need to panic and get worried. Thankfully most brands have addressed this issue and are now making some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. And if you play soccer you will realize that finding a wide shoe is very tough. But you can easily find one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet online. You just have to put in a bit of research. So you will need to have a little bit prior knowledge and understanding of what exactly to look for.
So now that you have to get to know that there are some pretty good basketball shoes that you can find on the market. But however, before you go on to buy one of those you will need to keep some things in mind. And that is the abilities and characteristics that you will want in your shoe.

First of all the most crucial thing, you will want traction, cushion, and support. If your shoes have these characteristics, then you are very likely to feel comfortable and agiler.

An important tip that we would like to give is that always try buying a shoe that goes up 1/2 size. This will allow you to have more space on the toe box and can throw off the alignment of arch support and lateral outriggers.

So overall, we can say that a lot will depend on when you are looking to buy one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Traction, to perfect your stop-on-a-dime pull-up shot, to be able to stay on your feet and guard your defender and run down the court with the best of them. Support, so that your foot and ankle don’t twist and turn even if your body does. Cushion, for when you jump up high for a rebound, block a shot or come down to a thunderous alley, so it’s like landing on air. And lastly, materials, which determines the ventilation of a shoe, and how long it will last.

A great shoe will have all four of these in some capacity, but often there is another that is forgotten. Width. Sometimes the best basketball shoes can rip on the sides or consistently have that “breaking-in” fill because of their lack of width. For that reason, we have a list, which not only lets us know the shoes that will fill up all of the four major categories but fit well for those whose feet aren’t on the straight and narrow.