Fishing During Winter


Fishing is a bit difficult for people living in the colder parts of the world. There aren’t a lot of big lakes or big bass there. But that doesn’t mean it makes fishing dull and boring. One of the great things about living here is that you will learn how to grind and cope up with fishing in cold weather. It will be a skill you will master and an experience that you will cherish. If you have the determination to go out on the ice and carry the right gear with you, then your ice fishing journey will be smooth. You should also carry ice fishing boots if you live in a snowy area.

One of the main reasons why ice fishing is so exciting is because you have the water all to yourself. In fact, once you start ice fishing you will realize that you will like it more than fishing during the summer season. Because first of all you won’t get bites a lot. And secondly, you will be able to squeeze out the best potential that the lake has to offer.

However, fishing during winter is not that easy as it seems. Especially for anglers who are mostly suitable to humid conditions. But that is not something to worry about. Because over this article, we will be talking about everything that you would need to know about ice fishing and fishing in the winter.

Getting Started:

Before you go to do fishing in the winter, you need to finalize a place. Go around and roam a little. Try to find a spot that suits you the best. Once you find the perfect fishing spot, you drill a large hole completely through the ice until you can see open water. So you can already understand that carrying a drill machine with you when you go fishing is a must. However, it doesn’t end there. Because after that, you will have to widen the hole that you made with an ice chisel. Once you have done that. You are pretty much done. Unpack your fishing bag and take out the required lures, rods and other equipment that you will be needing.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you must always take precautions to keep you warm. Carrying a thermos flask with a hot beverage in it will help you a lot in such cases.
Things You Will Need:

As you know by now. Fishing requires a lot of specialized gear and equipment. This is also a very similar case when it comes to ice fishing. However, that being said. You will need to get various types of different gear when you go ice fishing.

⦁ Get reels that are specially designed to use with most ice fishing rods. These rods are made out of made of graphite or fiberglass and can withstand the cold while remaining flexible. So you will have to get a bar which depends on which type of fish you are willing to go for. It will also help you determine what sensitivity you should look for in your fishing rod.
⦁ No matter how old school you maybe. You cannot deny the fact that having ice fishing electronics makes fishing much easier and convenient. Even though we aren’t forcing you to get one. But these things can ve very beneficial nonetheless. Such as having a GPS will be ideal for marking your fishing spots for future ice fishing adventures.
⦁ If you are someone who likes to be very adventurous while fishing during the winter. Then you should get a shanty. Ice fishing can turn out to be freezing and dangerous sometimes. Particularly on those windy days when it doesn’t seem fit to be outdoors. On such days, having a shanty, or a portable shelter will help you with the cold.
⦁ Lastly another thing that you must always keep in mind is that always carry the appropriate clothing. Having a set of ice fishing clothing can be very handy. Even if you do bring a heater with you. Try to wear layered clothing, wear a pair of insulated boots, and carry a scarf, hat, and gloves.
Overall, ice fishing may seem a bit of a hassle. But if you have the appropriate gear and clothing. Then it will become easy for you. And you will also enjoy it at one time.