Ground Blind and Bow Sights: What You Need to Know When Bow Hunting

When hunting deer, one of the great tools that you can take with you are ground blinds. They offer an excellent way to get close to your quarry without it even noticing. Also, if you have someone who you need to teach hunting skills such as a wife or a kid, or you are simply in a place where you cannot get a tree to mount a tree stand, a ground blind will come in handy.


When your target comes into view a bow sight will greatly help you to achieve the best alignment and make a proper aim for a successful shot. Let’s take a look at what to consider in aground blind and later look at why a bow sight is so important. Click here to read more about tent stakes.

What to Look for in a Ground Blind

There are many varied features that hunters need to look for when selecting the best ground blind. The different models and brands in the market only add on to the difficulty. If you know what you need however, it can be easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Some of the factors to consider are the height, floor space and visibility. If someone is tagging along on the hunt, you need a ground blind that can accommodate more than one individual. You also need to consider the personal space you need when drawing the bow.

Height is another factor. The ground blind needs to provide enough clearance for the bow as well as a comfortable sitting position. This will ensure you are free enough to maneuver the bow for the perfect shot.

Using a Bow Sight

Hunters may not be able to find agreement on which is the best type of bow sight, but one thing they seem to be certain on is that they greatly help to improve the quality of your shots. There are plenty of reasons why a bow sight is important.


Better Accuracy

This is the number 1 reason why you need a bow sight. You will be able to make proper alignment and take more accurate shots. With targets that are further off, more accuracy will mean the difference between a successful hunting trip and going home with empty hands.

Cost Efficient

If you don’t have a bow sight and you are aiming on a target that is a long way off, you are that much more likely to lose your arrows. Replacing them will require you to dig deeper in your pockets. Bow sights improve your aim so you won’t have to incur the cost of buying new ones.

Increase Focus

This allows you to bring targets that are far off closer. Compared to just using the peephole, greater focus means that you will not be distracted by the surrounding objects and vegetation. You increase the distance of your shots for greater success.

When selecting the right bow sight for you, two more factors that you need to keep in mind are:



As with any product, a low price often corresponds with low quality. The opposite is also true. It’s good to keep your budget in mind when making a buying decision. With the right knowledge you can get a well performing bow sight at a more affordable price.

Ease of Use

The bow sight should be comfortable and easy to operate. When in a ground blind, you want something that is easy and quick to adjust. This will allow you to take aim quickly before your prey disappears.

A Few Tips When Hunting in a Blind

You will quickly learn that shooting in a ground blind is more difficult than shooting in a standing position. This is why you need to lower the weight of your bow. It will ensure that you are able to keep the bow drawed for as long as you need to get the right aim.

Remember the first time you used a bow sight and you wondered why the pin was glowing? This is due to the light being funneled towards the pin by the bow sight optics. When hunting in a ground blind, there is less ambient light which makes the sight pins less bright. You can cater for this by making use of a rheostat light.