Most Comfortable Womens Walking Shoes – Before You Buy!

Are Walking Shoes Important?

When you are looking to buy a pair of the most comfortable womens walking shoes. A common question will stir up in your mind. And that is whether getting a pair of walking shoes will be worth it or not. As important as walking shoes might be. You will need to keep in mind that buying a good pair of walking shoes is no easy job. First of all, there are many different types of shoes out there. You will not be able to differentiate and chose the right one for you. In addition, there are also a few points and factors that you would need to keep in mind before you go on to make your purchase. As walking shoes are very different from normal shoes and they also have different characteristics as well. So let’s have a look.


1. Do They Sacrifice Looks?

Most people when they hear about the most comfortable womens walking shoes, the first picture that pops into their mind is that of an ugly looking shoe. As most of us think that that is how walking shoes are made. Ugly and bulky. Well, if you ask us we would strongly disagree with that. Even though there is no denying that walking shoes look different from normal running or training shoes. But by no means do they look ugly. And you will see it for yourselves after we talk about some shoes. We will let you decide whether they look bad or not.

2. Know The Difference:

Before you choose which shoe to buy keep in mind what the shoes are capable of doing. And this is because most running and walking shoes look very similar and to each other. So it can be very confusing.

3. According To Your Feet Type:

This is a very crucial point that most people tend to ignore. Whenever you buy new shoes you get the ones that fit you well, right? In addition to getting the right size of shoes also makes sure that the shoe you get suits with your feet type. By this what we mean is that if you have wide feet, then do not get shoes that are a bit narrow and slim. Because your feet will feel completely locked in and not be able to walk properly. Whereas, on the other hand, if you are someone with narrow feet and you are wearing wide shoes, you may even end up injuring yourself while walking. So keep these factors in mind.


Most Comfortable Womens Walking Shoes:

  • Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes.
  • Nike Women’s Lunartempo 2.


1. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes:

Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes


At first glance, you may not like these shoes much. And that is completely obvious. The color and the overall design of the shoe makes it look more like a work shoe. Nonetheless, we feel it is our duty to tell you the good things about it. And that we will do.

Vionic is a very well known brand for making shoes that focus entirely on orthopedic purposes. The Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes is no exception. Even though there are way better shoes from Vionic, we decided to talk about this because it looks the best amongst them all. If you are looking for a pair of the most comfortable womens walking shoes that will also look good on you then this is the best option to go for.

As we mentioned before, Vionic focuses on making orthopedic shoes. This one, in particular, is designed to give you such a fit that if you are suffering from let’s say bunions, or any other foot problems like that then it will surely solve them. In addition, as the shoe is so lightweight, you will feel as if you are walking on a cloud while wearing these. The upper of the shoe is extremely rigid. Thanks to the hard leather. However, there is also a mesh lining inside the shoe to enhance breathability. When you will be wearing your shoes for such a long time it is obvious that your feet will start to sweat and stink. The mesh liner here will make sure that it doesn’t happen. The tongue collar of the shoe is very well cushioned, helping you a great deal in putting the shoe on.

Coming to the midsole, it is made from EVA foam. Which really sets the standard for all the other shoes on the market. As the upper is very rough and tough, the midsole helps in making the shoe immensely flexible.As it is a walking shoe it does a more than a good job in absorbing shock. Reducing stress on your knees when you walk.




  • Looks very rough and sturdy.
  • Hard leather upper.
  • The entire shoe provides good support and cushioning.
  • Very well made.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Affordable.


  • The inserts are not very good.



2.Nike Women’s Lunartempo 2:


Nike Women's Lunartempo 2 Running Shoe

Now, a Nike shoe isn’t what you would have likely expected here, but as the Nike Women’s Lunartempo 2 is so good we couldn’t really ignore talking about it. So here it goes. First of all, we would like to suggest this to those who have narrow feet. As they will be getting the most benefit out of it. However, if you have wide feet you can wear it as well because the shoe really hugs to your feet.

Shoes from Nike are very well known for being extremely cushiony. This one is no exception. The midsole of the Nike Women’s Lunartempo 2 is made on top a very comfy Lunarlon foam. The midsole in addition to the mesh upper and Flywire cables work extremely well to give you the best fit possible.

The upper of the Nike Women’s Lunartempo 2 is pretty similar to most Nike shoes out there. However, it is the midsole and the outsole that makes it so different. You will notice that the outsole looks extremely huge. And yes it does. But that is in no way a bad thing. Because it is mostly made from a very good quality foam. Helping you to give a very cushioned walking sensation. There isn’t anything extra fancy about this shoe. And that’s what makes it so good. As it does not have too much rubber in use, you can walk in them to basically anywhere you like. No matter what the terrain is.

Overall, if you are looking for a normal pair of sporty shoes for walking with a lot of cushioning and a good outsole then this is the way to go. In addition, it is a Nike shoe. And they never really disappoint.


  • Very lightweight compared
  • Greats cushioning all over the shoe
  • Very soft upper.
  • Durable.


  • The fit is a bit too narrow.


Both these shoes are excellent ar probably the most comfortable womens walking shoes that you can find on the market. Look for the one that suits you the best and then just go for it.