It’s Not Just A Shoe

There is no doubt that the best basketball shoes to play in that are made nowadays look great. As a matter of fact, they look like more of a fashion statement rather than a shoe that you will wear. So how did all this happen?

How did something that started and was made for athletic purposes turned out to sweep an entire nation in a huge cult following? First of all, there are some reasons for that. The first of the many reasons are because of the basketball shoe itself. And the versatility that it carries. Most basketball shoes that you will find online tend to be a bit expensive. However, they perform well both on and off the court. So there is no reason why you couldn’t wear a pair of the best basketball shoes to play in when you are going to class or somewhere other than the court. It’s not also that they don’t look good. Basketball shoes look good everything. Everything.

However, according to us at Golden Hobbyist the main reason why basketball shoes turned out to be such a huge thing here is mainly that of the brands succeeding in creating a super loyal fan base and following. And obviously, the rising fame of the NBA adds up as well.

You will often see teenage boys and even grown men all around the world standing for hours in front of stores and being obsessed with basketball sneakers. So if you think that this is only the scene in the United States, then you are completely wrong. But there is no doubt that America has created this cult itself.

While NBA players took the court on a Friday thousands in the city were instead waiting in longer lines and shelling out more cash for a pair of exclusive sneakers than a pair of game tickets. So you can already guess how popular it is.

And the main reason why basketball shoes turn out to be such big of a deal as we mentioned earlier is mainly that of the branding. The recent trends may seem surprising to us now, but celebrity branding for products has been here for a long time. Starting from perfumes to impotence medication, to food. People running brands knew that the product would sell if they made a celebrity to wear it or endorse it. And when it comes to basketball shoes, the case is no different. But also because it was easier to market as well. Just think about it. Soccer maybe a more phenomenon sport all around the world compared to basketball. But if your favorite player is Messi and you idolize him, you can’t exactly wear his cleats to class or the club. You will be limited to wearing them on the field. However, when it came to basketball shoes. The case was entirely different. You could wear what your favorite idol is wearing. Starting from the all-time classics Nike Jordans to the latest shoes of Stephen Curry from Under Armour.


So you can already get an excellent idea about how big of a thing this is. Sneaker enthusiasts are also known as “sneakerheads.” They are always ready to spend thousands of dollars on their vast collections of must-have shoes and special limited editions. And some very famous celebrities are crazy sneakerheads. Starting from Mark Wahlberg to Ludacris and G-Eazy. These are all stars who know what they are wearing on their feet. Most sneakerheads will tell you that these are more than a pair of shoes for them. Even though they are the best ones at the court. For these people, it is more of an art piece.

We all have very special memories regarding basketball shoes when we we were young. And it is great to see that this utter craze for basketball shoes hasn’t changed a bit in all those years.