Surf Fishing Tips

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are looking to do surf fishing and looking forward to learning a bit about it. This is why this will be the perfect article for you. We will be explaining to you what surf fishing is and also share some useful tips that will help you to get better at it.

We assume that you are a beginner and didn’t do surf fishing before. This is why we will be explaining to you what it is.

Well, surf fishing is a way to catch fish by wading in the water or by standing on shore line. Even though most people tend to confuse it up with pier fishing. Surf fishing is different. The reason why surf fishing is so exciting is that both live bait and artificial lures are used to do it. A majority of surf fishing is done in saltwater. This is because surfing requires waves. And what better place to find it other than the sea.

However, that being said. It does tend to get a bit dangerous as surf fishers need to be very careful of waves and undertows.

As we have mentioned before. Surf fishing and pier fishing is very different. And that is mainly because of the techniques used. The difference in fishing rods is also immense. Carrying few rods can be quite tricky. I tend to carry fishing rods case to keep the rods safe and intact.

For example, the fishing rods used in surf fishing are extremely long, reaching between 12′ to 16′. When casting, the fishermen will use both hands, and for further distant casting, they use their entire bodies.

So now that we have learned about surf fishing and how it is different from pier fishing lets check out some tips.

1. Ride High:

One thing that you probably have identified by now is that the best time to surf fish is during high tide. Because this is when all the fish come in to feed, especially if high tide happens at dawn or dusk.

However, make sure that you stay careful when surf fishing during dawn and dusk. As it is harder to see people swimming or other objects on the beach.

2. The Right Baits:

Using live baits will be the easiest method to do surf fishing. However, there are also some different types of live baits available. However, the ones that will be able to give you the most fruitful results has to be mole crabs, squid, sandworms, ragworms, bloodworms, shrimp, mullet and hard/soft shell crab.

3. Check The Fish Area:

Checking the place you are about to go fishing beforehand is a great idea and will affect your success a lot. Try checking the dips, hollows, sandbanks, structures, etc. So that you get a better idea where fish might be feeding or hiding when the tide comes. Asking the locals beforehand will also be very convenient.

4. Invest In A Good Rod Holder:

One thing most young anglers tend to do wrong is that they don’t want to spend a little extra on fishing gear and equipment. This is not the right attitude. If you want to get the best of your fishing experience, then you will need to spend a few bucks on gear. But don’t worry. Because the few extra dollars that you spend will be totally worth it.

One of an essential fishing gear for surf fishing is rod holders. Purchase a good quality rod holder for surf fishing. Avoid using buckets and coolers. They will get easily pulled off by large fish. And it also doesn’t look good as well.

5. Safety First:

As we have mentioned above. Surf fishing can turn out to be very dangerous sometimes. This is why safety is very crucial. The reason why it is very dangerous is that of the high waves and undertows. Whenever you are going fishing try to inform someone beforehand. So they are aware of where you are. Look out for swimmers around where you will be fishing. Even though they are a very irritating and cause problems with fishing. You just have to accept them.

The sun at most beaches tends to be steaming hot and blazing at most times. So always wear plenty of sunscreens to protect yourself from the sun. The sun’s harmful rays will damage your skin.