The Underrated Brands

Basketball is a game of fast movement and quick action requiring its players to jump turn and run quickly. No matter if you are a professional player or not. You will need a pair of good basketball shoes. And spending in a pair of the best basketball shoes to play in will be worth it.

If the shoe you buy doesn’t feel comfortable or do not suit your position needs, then you will not be able to get the best out of your basketball shoes.

However, a good basketball shoe must also be able to enhance your performance and ability on the court. It should also be able to protect you from injuries as well.

The best basketball shoes play in that are made today not only have immense qualities that make you better on the court. But they also look excellent. And you can also wear them with outfits off the court. With this being said. People often tend to go for models that look good. Now even though this is normal. There is one thing that you will need to keep in mind. And that is not all shoes that look good will pay off on the court. There are exceptions. So the next time before you find a shoe good looking and get interested in purchasing it. Be sure to check about its qualities and characteristics beforehand.

Brand Value:

The market for basketball shoes is a huge one here in the United States. With sneakers and basketball shoes becoming a cult following amongst enthusiasts. Big brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are currently ruling the market. And that is very obvious since they have built an adamant brand and loyal consumer base.

Everyone has to admit that their shoes are of top quality and will last you for a lifetime. However, in the midsts of Nike and Adidas, some good brands often go unnoticed. And that is not because they don’t make good shoes. In fact, they make one of the best ones out there. And their products can easily compete with the big guns. However, because of poor marketing and the brand image they don’t stand out.

One of the most underrated basketball shoe manufacturers has to be Peak Sports. Now it is very obvious that you may not have heard of them ever. And that is entirely okay. It is one of the leading activewear and footwear brands in Asia.

And not only in Asia. It has also grown pretty well over the years all around the world. They are also starting to gain a bit of share in the states as well. With the likes of Tony Parker, Ron, Shane Battier, Kevin Love, Carl Landry, and more NBA players getting endorsed by them.

However, it still has a long way to go. Mainly because there are so many good brands fighting it out here. However, with Peak rapidly opening stores and headquarters all over America. It only seems like a matter of time before they hit it big.

Second on our list is Power footwear. Power footwear is a bit more known than Peak. It produces shoes for multiple sports including running, soccer, tennis and lastly basketball. But all that doesn’t stop there. Because Power also makes shoes especially for cheerleading and skating. And that impressed us here at Golden Hobbyist. However, the problem with this brand is that there aren’t many stores that sell their shoes here. So you won’t be able to get them that easily. However, you can always order a pair online.

In conclusion, there are dozens of basketball shoes out there, and most customers get spoilt for choice on what brand to buy. The best basketball shoes to play in will differ in the material, technology, traction pattern, outer and inner construction, shoe’s cushion level and lastly the skill of the player.

So there are many different types of shoes that you can find on the market. Find one that suits your needs and your playing style the best and just go for it.