Things Every Angler Needs In Their Tackle Box

Whenever you are thinking of going fishing having the right type of gear and equipment is very important. Well, you may believe that there aren’t many things that you would need to carry when you go fishing. If you are someone that thinks like that you are completely wrong. The basic fishing accessories that every man needs as a starter has to be a knife, clippers, a tackle box, reel, line and many other things.

However, there is way much more to it. Companies that make fishing gear are producing much more advanced gear and equipment in order to make your fishing experience much smoother. However, since today we are talking about tackle boxes. It is very important that we know what they really are. Well, tackle boxes are basically a type of box specially made for fishermen. So that they can store all their fishing needs in it. Most young anglers tend to make mistakes surrounding this box very often. They don’t take the things that they need. And what they end up packing turns out to be useless. This is we at Golden Hobbyist thought of making a list of the things you should have in your tackle box. So without any delay let’s check them out.

1. Pliers:

This is one equipment most anglers tend to ignore. But it is a very vital item nonetheless. And that is because you will be able to work with your hooks with these. Even though they are mostly used for hooks. They also come handy in a number of occasions as well. Starting from assembling your baits to pulling poorly aimed hooks out of your own skin without causing too much damage.

2. Knife:

What will be the use of catching a fish if you aren’t able to fillet it and grill it. This is why having a fillet knife will come very handy. Even if you don’t need to clean fish, cut line, slice up baits, or open cans. Regardless a fillet knife is an item that is versatile and essential. And to top it all it won’t also cost you a fortune.

3. Sunscreen:

Fishing on the beach is a delightful experience. And it gets even better when the sun is shining bright. However, staying in front of the sun for too long will turn out to damage your skin. And no matter how tough you are. You won’t be able to resist the diseases that it will bring. This is why carrying a bottle of sunscreen will always turn out to be super handy. So don’t be like one of those anglers left at the mercy of the sun on hot afternoon fishing cruises in the dead of summer. If you live in a sunny are then make sure to carry the best fishing sunglasses with you.

4. First Aid Kit:

You will never be able to tell when an accident hits you. This is why being careful and taking precautions beforehand is critical. I know what most of you may wonder. And that is how can someone gets seriously injured while fishing? However having a first aid kit helps and will go a long way. Especially if you are on a boat where you won’t be able to get any medical help.

5. Some Extra Line:

Fishing line is vital. However, over time your line will twist, brittle and even break at some moments. However, If you use a spinning or spin casting tackle, carry several spools with different weights which you can switch out quickly as you adjust to different conditions.

6. Extra Hooks:

Always try to fill your tackle box with some extra hooks. Not only that. Try carrying a variety of hooks, so you’re ready for any fish. However, no matter what hook you take. Always make sure you have them in different sizes.

7. Carry Bobbers:

Bobbers may not be a very popular item among most anglers. But they help a lot. And that is because they are good to have around if you want to keep your bait afloat. Bobbers come in two basic shapes—elongated and the round beach ball. Try to carry slip bobbers. Slip bobbers can be used to slip up and down the fishing line.