Top Exercises For a Healthy Lifestyle

With all the kind of distractions nowadays, it’s hard to stay focused, motivated and have time to exercise and work out. But we shouldn’t ignore our bodies, and we should find the time and will to exercise regularly. Even doing a little is always better than doing nothing.

That’s why in this post I will list top exercises which will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It won’t only help your body, but your mind as well. Working out and exercising is proven to affect people in a good way, boost self-esteem, confidence, and also make people feel generally better. It’s always a great feeling to take a shower after a great exercising and knowing it just feels right. You must have heard this before, that exercise is medicine.

Work Out:

One of the most popular way is to work out. It doesn’t matter if you lift weights, do strength and endurance training or simply do stretching exercises such as yoga. Any kind of exercise counts, you set up your own goals, and you exercise and work out the way you want to. Excuses won’t get you anywhere, using what you have to work out is the best way. You don’t even need to pay for the gym membership because you can do exercises which you will be able to do at home.
Of course, if you are into more serious work outs, being a gym member is a great.
Some of the exercises which you will be able to do at home are squats, push ups, lunges, crunches, the plank, yoga, and Tai-chai. Check out to learn more.


Running doesn’t cost at all and is a great way to exercise and work your body.
All you need is some comfortable shoes, t-shirt, sports shorts and you are ready to go out there and run.
Running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even some cancers!

Can you believe how good running is for your body, and doing it every few days helps your body a lot. Running in combination with some exercises can even help you to lose weight by burning calories and fat. It is ideal for you if you plan on running for weight loss.It also increases endurance, builds muscle to maintain an optimal body fat composition, strengthens the heart and maybe you won’t believe it but it improves your overall mood. Running combined with some weight exercises can help you maintain the perfect balance of mental stimulation and physical fitness.


Cycling requires you to own a bicycle, but don’t think you need to have the best bike or any type of the bike you see on the bike races on the TV. Any bike is good to start with, and later you can always upgrade it. It’s a great goal to achieve as well. Make sure you do bike maintenance in order for your bike to run properly, so that you can enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means you will exercise your heart, blood vessels, and lungs. It can be also a great form of cardio exercise if you ride your bike at a higher pace. It’s increasing strength and endurance, but also decreasing body fat. By cycling, you are mostly working your legs, but upper muscles as well. One of those muscles are: back, chest, biceps and triceps, and even shoulder muscles since you are using them for stabilization and maneuvers when riding your bike. If you have ever watched professional cyclists when racing, your might have thought the cyclists might be skinng, but no, they aren’t skinny, they’re fit. That’s the result of cycling, and all the muscles body works when cycling.


Swimming is great for full body workout. That’s because swimming uses almost all of the muscles in the body.No matter which style do you swim, as long as you swim, your body is being fully worked out.Another fact we shouldn’t forget is that everything is harder to do in the water.So 30 minutes of activity in water can be compared to 45 minutes of activity on the land.Same as cycling, it helps you to build muscles but also to burn calories. Interesting thing is that swimming is lower-impact activity, which means your body actually relaxes rather than higher-impact activities such as football, basketball, running or weight lifting. Swimming is a great way to lose weight as well. By swimming and using all of your muscles in the body, your heart and lungs must work harder to provide necessary oxygen, which burns calories and leads to weight loss.



You can get into dancing as it requires you to be very agile. You can take salsa lessons to spice things up. Either way, dancing is a very good exercise, especially in your off days. Not only will dancing help you add cardio to your weekly routin but it is also very fun. Tiresome will be blown away especially if you are dancing or doing salsa in a group setting.



In my opinion, everyone should pay attention to their body and not only to build muscles, but to be in a healthy condition and to take care of their bodies. Exercise isn’t expensive at all, and most of the people have everything needed to exercise. Go work out, go for a run, ride a bicycle or go for a swim. It’s not only being healthy, but you are preventing diseases, and losing weight by working out is a great and healthy way to lose weight, rather than using pills or extreme diets.

Remember, doing even a little in the beginning is always better than doing nothing, and next time slowly increase your work out session and in no time you will be getting better and better, and will see better results. It’s always hard to start, but once you start and keep doing it, don’t give up and just keep pumping! I wish you good luck, take care of yourself and your body, and your body will thank you later in life.