Walking Sneakers With Good Arch Support – Best Picks

Walk A Mile:

There was a very important reason why we decided to talk about walking sneakers with good arch support. So in the midst of so many different shoes out there, why would we talk about walking shoes?  There is a solid reason behind this

You see, in today’s world which has been overtaken by technology, we have changed a lot. In a bad way of course. Just ask yourself. When was the last time you went for a nice good walk?

We often tend to undermine the importance of walking. Walking not only helps in keeping your fitness intact but also helps to reduce stress as well. Sadly, not many people are walking nowadays. So to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle we decided to write about walking sneakers with good arch support.

However, keeping the fitness part aside, for some people walking is more of a necessity. Like postmen, door to door sales man and much more. Whatever the need may be, having a pair of the best walking sneakers with good arch support will surely help you to enjoy a comfortable walk.


Why Get Shoes With Arch Support?

Now comes one of the most frequently asked questions. And that is what is the difference between a normal shoe and a shoe with arch support And whether they are any good or not.

Well, first of all, there are quite a few differences. Secondly, yes they do help a lot. It is very important for people with high arches to wear the right type of shoes. The ones that will suit you well. And also keep you comfortable.

The problem with normal shoes is that they are mainly made in order to keep your feet comfortable. Other than that there is nothing else. These type of shoes won’t provide you any support whatsoever. And most importantly won’t suit your feet that have high arches. So what do you get?

Well. you get a pair of walking sneakers with good arch support. Shoes like these provide the right amount of support for your fascia ligament. The midsoles and the insoles are also designed in such a way that it will provide proper shock absorption. The reason why these shoes are so good is that they are often designed by podiatrist themselves. Lastly, motion control corrects over pronation and supination. It encourages proper walking motion.


Do Not Hesitate To Spend:

Now comes the part where most people would look away. And those are the bad things about walking sneakers with good arch support. You see, since they are made with so many details in mind, it is obvious that it will be priced a bit more than normal sneakers. This is why the prices a bit high. But don’t let this factor stop you from purchasing a pair. Because these shoes are made of very high-quality materials and components and will surely be worth the price you pay for them.


Some Of The Best Walking Sneakers With Good Arch Support:

  • Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker.
  • Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes.
  • New Balance Women’s WW847V2 Walking Shoe.
  • Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes.



For Men:



1. Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker:

Vionic Men's Orthaheel Technology Walker

Many of you may not know about the company Vionic. And that is absolutely okay. Because they aren’t a very famous one. However, they are surely an excellent one and makes some of the walking sneakers with good arch support. Just like this one.

Made mostly for people with high arches, this particular shoe is a gem. It will be an excellent fit for you. The thing that you will notice right away is the roughness and rigidity of the shoe. Which you don’t normally get in a pair of walking sneakers. It will surely last you many good years. However, the rigidity and rugged look does not mean that the shoe looks odd. You can still pair it up casually with jeans and a t-shirt.

A highlight of the shoe is that it has a very wide toe box. So you won’t feel cramped and will be able to move your toes freely. Also preventing physical strains for longer periods of time. However, the part that steals the show is the insole. As it is a podiatrist-designed shoe it has a biomechanical orthotic EVA insole. If you even have the slightest idea about insoles, then you will know that EVA insoles are the best you can get. In addition, the rubber outsole will also help in keeping your firm on the ground so that you do not slip.


  • Rugged and rough.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Highly rated.
  • Perfect for walking.


  • Takes a bit of time to break in.
  • A bit expensive.


2.Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes:

Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

These shoes from Brooks is completely dedicated for walking. And trust us, there aren’t many shoes like the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes out there. It is truly in a league of its own. Now if you are looking for a pair of walking sneakers with good arch support what would you want to look for in the first place? Well, it is the comfort. As you will be walking in them for a majority of the time, you will really want to wear something very comfortable and cushiony. In this case, the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes will be your best option. And here is why.

What we are going to talk about now may seem a bit confusing. But actually, it is pretty simple. This shoe has pretty good arch support. And that is one of the main reasons why we are talking about it. As it is branded as a motion control shoe, it will save yours from all of your orthopedic problems. No matter what they are. We have always talked about how crucial cushioning is for a walking shoe. The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes has excellent cushioning. It has a MoGo midsole. Which is very cushiony and comfortable. In addition, it works with the good slip resistant outsole to provide an excellent fit and feel.

If you do your bit of research then you will notice that the shoe is branded as a motion control shoe. So what exactly is a motion control shoe? Well, to put it into simple words it defines as a shoe that is made for orthopedic purposes. Now even though this may not look like one, but the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes will provide the maximum support required for you to cure overpronation. Now, support for a shoe like this is immensely crucial. Because when a shoe has more support, you will feel more comfortable in walking in it.

Overall, the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes is an excellent walking shoe. Has excellent arch support and is ideal for almost everyone. However, we cannot ignore the little problems that we found. One of them is that it is a bit heavy. Now, if you are someone who is really skinny and underweight, then this may be a problem. But other than that all is okay.


  • Has excellent arch support.
  • Comes in minimal solid colors.
  • Ideal for walking long distances.
  • Insanely durable.


  • It is a bit heavy.




For Women:


1.New Balance Women’s WW847V2 Walking Shoe:

New Balance Women's WW847V2 Walking Shoe

We all have this certain perception about branded shoes in our mind that whenever we look out for a pair we always tend to fall for the ones that are endorsed by famous celebrities. This may be the ideal solution if you are looking for fashionable shoes, as typically those are the ones that celebrities endorse. But if you are looking for walking sneakers with good arch support then that is a completely different scenario.

The reason why we are saying all this is because the shoe that we will be talking about now hasn’t been in the spotlight for quite some years. Luckily, they are putting themselves back up. And that name is New Balance.

Before making this shoe, New Balance has done quite a lot of research and development for this shoe. And that clearly shows. New Balance has really figured it what the consumers like in a walking shoe. The New Balance Women’s WW847V2 Walking Shoe is entirely focused on the comfort and cushioning. Which is why the sole and the midsole of the shoe is pretty unique. The midsole is made from ortholite foam, and in addition, the padded shoe collar and tongue makes the shoe not only comfortable but also insanely lightweight. And you will really want your walking shoes to be lightweight as it will help you to walk more comfortably in longer distances.


  • Very well made.
  • Has a pretty casual look.
  • Takes very minimal time to break in.
  • The toe box is very wide and roomy.
  • Well padded toe box.
  • Has good breathability and keeps your feet dry and not smelly.
  • Provides great arch support and decent stability.


  • The price might be a bit too much.

2.Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes:

Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes



At first glance, your first impression on these shoes will surely be that they look as if they were released ten years ago. Because of the overall style and design. However, we like to think of it in a different way. We personally think that this shoe looks pretty retro and classic. And you also have to realize that the design features on this shoe were added for serving you with comfort. So if you don’t like the looks of it, you are really missing out on something big.

Talking about this shoe, we would like to start with the insole first. That is because this is the most crucial part of the shoe. You will notice that the shoe does not have a completely flat outsole. Not because it wasn’t on purpose. Rather it was to enhance the fit of the overall shoe. Coming back to the insole it has a deep heel cut. Which means that the insole has a heel added to it. This is very unique and you don’t see it in most walking shoes. They are extremely flexible in the forefoot area. Allowing you to bend and move your feet all you want. The insoles also have two shock-absorbing sections on the underfoot and heel to help with cushioning. With all these things added, it is very unlikely that you will be needing an extra pair of insoles for replacement.

Now let’s come to the exterior part of the shoe. It has a leather upper which is very premium looking. The upper also has mesh vents to enhance breathability. Just like the interior, the exterior part of the shoe is also very flexible. The heel area of the Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes is very strong and rigid and it will keep your feet in place at all times. There is also soft padded lining inside the shoe to provide a snug and comfortable fit.


  • Very affordable.
  • Well made from high-quality materials.
  • Good for walking long distances.
  • Very durable.


  • The looks might not be the most appealing for some.