What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Walking All Day

A Hobby Or A Duty?

We all at one point in time of our lives surely had a day where we needed to walk all day long. For people who do not walk that much or often, it may seem a very weird type of thing to walk all day. However, for others, it is more of a duty. Think of postmen, delivery men, door to door salesman. All these types of professions require you to walk all day long. And this is why knowing what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day is very important. However, some people also like to walk throughout the day because they live a healthy and fit lifestyle. No matter what the reason maybe, knowing what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day will surely help you better to purchase the shoe you need. And that is exactly what we will be doing today throughout this article.

How Do They Look?

The look and appearance of any type of shoe play a huge part in how we look and feel. Recent studies showed that the first thing that a person notices about you is your shoes. Shoes are very crucial. And we are always saying that in our articles. So it is very obvious that you would always want a pair of shoes that would look good. However, when you are looking for comfortable walking shoes, you will not always get what you want. Because these shoes are made solely for comfort, some things had to be sacrificed. That is the looks. Most of the shoes that we will be talking to you about today are not very narrow or slim. Rather they are wide and cushiony. This is because those are the only characteristics of a shoe that will help you to walk comfortably all day.

Most of the shoes that we will be talking to you about today are not very narrow or slim. Rather they are wide and cushiony. This is because those are the only characteristics of a shoe that will help you to walk comfortably all day.

However, do not think that these shoes look like some old men’s trainers. They are very sporty and some of them will even turn heads when you are walking down the road.

Running Shoes And Walking Shoes Are Different:

While we are at it, I believe it is extremely important that we address something beforehand. And that is running shoes are in many ways different from what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day that you will be able to wear so comfortably. Even though walking and running tend to have the same motions, walking shoes tend to be a bit more focused on walking only. As modern manufacturers have recognized the need for specialization. As a result, the number of walking shoes out there has increased by quite a margin.

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It may seem something very small, but you cannot really go walking wearing your running shoes. There are some very key differences that make running shoes and walking shoes different from each other. The differences mainly include more cushioning and a structured fit.

 Since running makes your heel hit the ground with maximum force, it is very crucial that your shoes are able to absorb maximum shock. And this is where running shoe excels. They are made to absorb shock very well. Running shoes also have more heel control as well.

On the other hand, when you’re walking or standing, your weight should be distributed more evenly. And this is the job for walking shoes to carry about. The cushioning on walking shoes is distributed more evenly throughout. The shock absorbing capabilities spread from the heel to the midsole. The soles of walking shoes are also made very rounded so that your whole body weight is distributed evenly. The toes area also tends to be a bit rounded as well.

Now that we have cleared the doubts, let’s check the things that you would need to keep in mind to know what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day.

A Soft Upper:

Uppers are usually the most crucial part of a shoe no matter what. And when you are looking for walking shoes, make sure that the shoe has a very soft upper. Soft materials like mesh or synthetic are ideal. Also, make sure that the materials have good breathability. So your feet don’t sweat.

Ample Cushioning:

Even though walking shoes do not require much cushioning in comparison to running shoes, having a bit here and there always helps nonetheless. However, since you are considering in getting a pair of walking shoes, make sure that there is a bit of cushioning under the ball of the foot.

A Good Midsole:

While you are at it, try looking for a pair of shoes with either a foam, gel or air midsole. These materials will be able to provide the cushioning you will ever need and also help in reducing the impact when your foot lands on the ground.

A Heel Collar For Better Fit:

Heel collars are probably the unsung heroes of war. Even though no one cares about them, they help out quite a lot. And when it comes to shoes, a good heel collar will always ensure that you have a proper enough fit of the shoes.

A Toe Box That Is Wide:

The toe box is probably the most crucial thing to consider while looking for a pair of what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day. A wide toe box in your shoe will not only keep your feet away from foot problems like calluses and blisters. But will also keep your feet free from other severe problems as well.

For Men:


1.Skechers Performance Men’s Go Flex 2 Completion Walking Shoe:

Skechers Performance Men's Go Flex 2 Completion Walking Shoe

In today’s world, there is a very old saying that fits rightly for today. And that is time is money. Time is very important for everyone. And you do not want to be wasting it on tying your shoe laces.

If you are someone who likes to save time by wearing their shoes and also want something comfortable, then the Skechers Performance Men’s Go Flex 2 Completion Walking Shoe is the one to go with.

Do not think that the slip on design with no laces make it look weird. If anything else, it makes it look even more stylish than most shoes at this range. And it is not only about the style. The slip one shoe is also very comfortable as well. Despite the shoe being made of a textile material, it is very sturdy nonetheless. You will be able to use this on a daily basis without a glitch.

The Reason Behind The Comfort:

The reason why these shoes are so comfortable is that inside it comes with padded linings and super soft materials that make the shoe ultra light. It also makes the inside of the shoe feel really soft as well.

Despite being such a simple shoe you would not really expect it to have any sort of arch support. But guess what? It does. Even though it isn’t much if you will be walking on concrete or gravel. But it sure helps. However, if you feel that the support on these shoes aren’t enough for you, then you can always get a pair of extra insoles


It may look from images that the shoe is very small and doesn’t hold enough. When in reality it has quite a wide toe box. Allowing your toes to move freely.

The most interesting thing about these shoes, however, is the sole. The soles are made of disconnected strips of foam that give great traction. Even though they might not be ideal for hiking or walking in sandy areas. It surely helps in regular use nonetheless.

Overall, this is an excellent shoe and for the price, you are paying you really do get a lot out of it. They are comfortable, durable, and most importantly stylish as well.


  • Looks stylish.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Does not take any time to break in.
  • Decent amount of cushioning and support.
  • Ideal for everyday use.


  • Will not be able to handle high impact activities.



2.Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walking Shoe:

Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Saucony might not be a very well known brand for many but they make some excellent shoes. And the Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walking Shoe is one of their best sellers. This is very different in comparison to most shoes made from Saucony. It has a very soft full grain leather upper in addition to excellent support and flexibility.The interior of the shoe has loads of cushioning and the footbed is removable. So if you feel like replacing it then you can do that as well.

However, if you do plan to stick to the one included then we want to let you know that it is super cushiony. It also has a very nice heel cup for added support and stability. The rear foot grid system is visible. Which helps to provide enhanced cushioning and stability.

The forefoot of the shoe features something called HRC. This is a high rebound compound which is very responsive and provides good shock absorption. The rubber outsole is very flexible and will provide you with stability. Another thing that we forgot to mention about these shoes is that they are extremely lightweight.



  • Ideal for people suffering from overpronation.
  • Very wide toe box.
  • Ample amount of cushioning.
  • Very well made.


  • They are a bit squeaky.

For Women:


1.Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes:

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes

When you are looking to know what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day, it is very crucial that you get shoes that will provide arch support. And this pair of shoes does exactly that. If you aren’t familiar with Vionic, they make some excellent orthopedic shoes.

These shoes were specially made for walking and also ideal for people with high arches. Suggested by podiatrists all over the world, one thing is for sure. And that is you will never go wrong with a pair of these. Everything starting from the upper to the insole was made keeping walking in mind. The insert on this, in particular, is designed by podiatrist so that it is anti bacterial. Keeping you clean, dry and safe at all times.

Even though they are a bit stiff, but once you start wearing them often you will start to feel very comfortable.


  • Suggested by podiatrists.
  • Looks nice.
  • Fits well.
  • Feels very comfortable once it breaks in.


  • Takes a bit of time to break in.


Final Conclusion:

We really hope that this article about what are the most comfortable shoes for walking all day helped you a lot in making your purchase. The thing about walking shoes at the end of the day is that always buy what you think will suit you the best. And that is pretty much it.