Why Are Basketball Shoe Laces So Long?

One thing that basketball shoes have kept intact is their design. Throughout the course of time, there have been some different types of shoes. Starting from Nike to Adidas to Under Armour. They all have been making some great shoes over the past few years. And they all are great.

However, one thing that you will notice in probably all basketball shoes is that they are not designed like regular shoes. Even though now it has become a trend it wasn’t like that when it started. Another very weird thing about the best basketball shoes ever is that they tend to have very long laces. If you are someone who doesn’t like them, then don’t worry. There are some new basketball shoes in the market that has absolutely no laces. So you can check them out.

But first of all, why do basketball shoes have such long laces? Now you may wonder that since these are athletic shoes, it is very obvious that they will have long laces. However, some name-brand running models sports laces measuring 15 inches or more extra on each side before the first knot is tied. So you can already assume how long they tend to be. Many people often complain that when they are tying their laces. The laces tend to extend 14 inches on each side, and they end up tying the shoe five or six times to keep them from under the foot or looking sloppy. And you may wonder that this is the case for kids wearing shoes longer than their size. But that isn’t the case. Many basketball shoes for children also have the same problem.

This is what made us at Golden Hobbyist put our thinking caps on and find out what was the reason. So let’s see what we found out.

Now, first of all, a lot will depend on the model of the shoe itself. There will be some different lacing patterns depending on the shoe. One thing that you will notice when you look at most shoes is that there are sometimes additional holes further up toward the ankle. Many people don’t even see this. But they are helpful. So always try to use the least holes lacing pattern. However, you have to have laces long enough if you are looking to use the lacing pattern using the most holes. Try to use the least holes lacing pattern as it will make the shoe strings are way too long.

Another reason why the best basketball shoes ever have long laces is that they allow you to have a better fit and comfort. Multiple lacing patterns provide a snugger fit in different areas of the shoe depending on the needs of the individual and his playing style.

So it all comes to one thing. And that is that the laces on basketball shoes are not that long, to be honest. You may be thinking that this is not the case. Well, it is. First of all, you need to understand and learn some different lacing techniques that will allow you to make the most out of your shoes. With a more snug fit and excellent stability. You will see the changes yourself very soon.

All in all this misconception about shoe laces being long is utterly pointless. Companies make these shoes with highly specialized machines and workers. So you cannot also blame that it is a glitch. These are there for a reason. So that was it. Find the right lacing technique and just go for it. There are a number of reviews on the best basketball shoes ever in our website. Be sure to check them out for further help.